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Once there was a small town girl from New York Manhattan she grew up with her parents Bernadette Moran and Frank Rossi until she turned 5 years old she moved to Jacksonville Florida she attended school. in St. Paul’s catholic church then she went to middle school at Stillwell middle school even though she did not like this school she took the high road and continued to bigger things and became successful. Then she went to high school called Bartram Trail high she took some amazing classes and got her general diploma and graduated. In 2007 she went to college at the University of North Florida in the On Campus Transition program and had internships and many other things.

In 2011 moira graduated from college and became a self-advocate she volunteers with the ARC Jacksonville and is a AmeriCorps member and has been in the news multiple times including the newspaper.

In 2012 she attended a camp called the LIFE Experience when she met a young man named Nick Kowalchuk she fell in love with him and so they started dating for a while even though he lived in New Jersey and she lived in Jacksonville they made it work dating for 30 months and 2 years and visiting both cities. In February 16th at 8:00pm they went to a restraunt together and had a dinner nick gave Moira something and got down on one knee and asked her to marry him moira said yes and now they are officially getting married.

Now Moira is employed with the city of Jacksonville at city hall and creating her own business and her fiancée is moving from New Jersey and is going to be living with Moira in a community that the ARC Jacksonville is building a community and that is where they are going to be living together


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