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There are few movies that cater to the LGBT community, in fact the chances are that the majority of people wont be able to name more than one or two. In mainstream movies, films that have primarily gay themes are almost unheard of. Gay characters that you do encounter are usually cast as the comedic, fashion forward sidekick, or a walking stereotype that is not an actual representation of the gay community at large. Sadly, aside from independent and foreign films there is not much of a platform for a boy meets boy romantic comedy or a coming of age drama that is true to life. One of the best sources for such films is tla releasing which caters exclusively to gay audiences.

It really doesn't matter what genre you watch or how upbeat the movie is, it is extremely difficult to find a gay themed movie with a happy ending. Usually the guy does not end up with the guy or something tragic happens and the two are split up. For this reason, just about every movie mentioned on this list could be placed into different categories or fall under multiple genres. For example a gay romance is pretty much the same thing as a gay drama. That is why further clarification is given in the brief descriptions of each movie.

This is a list of 20 gay themed movies separated into the top 5 by genre.


5. Kiss The Bride

While not steering clear of all negative stereotypes, Kiss The Bride does have its moments and features a few well known actors. With its upbeat vibe and humorous subject matter this movie would be a good pick for date night.

4. Breakfast With Scott

Breakfast With Scott is a family friendly comedy that could also find itself falling into the Drama genre if it were not for the funny and lighthearted moments outweighing the tear jerking moments.

3. Bear City

Bear City is one big stereotype, no pun intended, but what can I say - it is pretty funny. Unlike most gay movies Bear City features manly men who, well, look like men. That's why they are called bears.

2. Geography Club

Geography Club is geared toward a teenage audience and could just as easily be referred to as a coming of age drama. However, the funny moments and overall feel good vibe lands this film in the comedy genre.

1. G.B.F. (Gay Best Friend)

G.B.F. is another film geared toward a teenage audience but this movie, unlike others, embraces stereotypes in the form of satire. This is a hilarious must see movie.

Romance / Drama:

5. The Lost Coast

More of a drama than a romance, full of unrequited lust. The Lost Coast is a difficult movie to place into a genre but is certainly worth a watch.

4. Cal

Aside from some pretty horrid acting at times, Cal is a beautiful coming of age love story.

3. Dream Boy

This tearjerker is about 90% drama and 10% romance. Despite a little bad acting, this movie can hold your attention pretty well. Viewers should have popcorn and tissues at hand for this one.

2. Burning Blue

This don't ask don't tell film is well made and has a good storyline that a few servicemen might be able to relate to. Burning Blue is more of a drama than a romance movie but viewers will find a lot of romance along the way while watching it.

1. Latter Days

Latter Days has its dramatic moments but overall it is like the unicorn of gay cinema. In other words its one of a kind. Defiantly not one to miss.

Coming of age:

5. Gypsy 83

This coming of age comedy / drama features a few relatively well known actors such as Sara Rue and Kett Turton. It also has an amazing soundtrack, lots of Stevie Nicks. This movie is very well made and contains a lot of ups and downs that will tug at the heartstrings.

4. Monster Pies

Out of all the movies on this list this one probably contains the worst acting of all. However, it is a sweet story and certainly worth a watch.

3. The Falls

The Falls is a well made coming of age film that touches on subjects of religion and self acceptance.

2. The Conrad Boys

The Conrad Boys is a heartwarming coming of age movie about a young man trying to find love while also taking on the responsibilities of a father to his younger brother.

1. C.O.G.

Based on an essay by David Sedaris, this coming of age film touches on subjects of religion, atheism, and finding yourself. There is no romance involved in this movie because the main focus lies on balancing sexuality with religious preference.

Thriller / Si-Fi / Drama

5. Kill Your Darlings

Daniel Radcliffe gives a very convincing gay sex scene in this love triangle / mystery / UN-catagorizable film. With an all star cast, this movie is well made and worth a watch.

4. Judas Kiss

There is really just one word that can sum up this movie and that word is "weird". However, it is also an amazing film with twists that you wont see coming. Defiantly recommended!

3. Kaboom

Kaboom starts off strong but tapers off to a weak ending but that isn't to say it should be overlooked. It stars some well known actors and has an interesting storyline.

2. The Mudge Boy

Starring Emile Hirsch, The Mudge Boy could easily fall into the drama genre if it weren't for its pure oddity. It has a good storyline and is well made but in the end you will walk away scratching your head and asking yourself what you have just watched.

1. Mysterious Skin

Starring Joseph Gordon Levitt, Mysterious Skin is a film based on a novel by Scott Heim. More than a gay film, this movie is about childhood abuse and coming to terms with it. Some of the subject matter is disturbing but overall this movie is must see!


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