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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Thousands of Kristen fans have watched delightedly as Kristen Stewart seems to be happier than ever before with girlfriend Alicia Cargile - but things may have gotten a whole lot bigger than we expected!

That's a ring on her finger: Kristen & Alicia engaged?

Kristen's ring on that vital finger stands out a mile in her cool & casual ensemble - is she sending us a message that a big announcement is on its way? Even if it's 'just a ring,' everyone is aware of the symbolism of wearing a ring on that particular finger...

Kristen and Alicia have been close for years

Recent photos have shown the pair to be not only inseparable, but their intimacy looks to have increased - well, from the totally cute pics of the pair holding hands, making couple-y gestures and apparently kissing, anyhow!

Of course, Kristen has a great sense of humor

With a cool kid like Kristen, she may just be trolling the world. I mean - if you could get up in the morning and send the world gaga by popping a ring on your finger, wouldn't you be tempted? You're playing with our hearts, Kristen (and we love you for it)!

Either way, Kristen can rock any kind of wedding gear!

Aww, I do love a wedding... but then I'm a soppy, hopeless romantic. I just wanna see people happy, darn it! Do you think that Kristen is engaged... or trolling?

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