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In a recent interview with IGN, comic book creator Mark Millar said that he’s pretty much done with Kick-Ass on both screen and page saying. Millar said that there probably wouldn’t be a 3rd installment in the Kick-Ass film series due to Kick-Ass 2 not making as much money as the first. Millar spoke about the Kick-Ass series saying:

“Dave Lizewski’s journey had to have an ending because the way I looked at it is if you don’t have Batman’s money or Superman’s powers, you’re going to end up dead pretty fast” he explained. “So the idea of Kick-Ass #520 is ridiculous because he’s going to have been killed in issue 45 or something. So I had to give it a conclusion. For people who haven’t read the book I don’t want to spoil it, but Kick-Ass 3 is the end of Dave’s story.

When asked about the young, adorable, vigilante superhero Hit-Girl, Mark commented saying:

“Now Mindy is another thing – there could be more stuff going on with Mindy. There could be other people who are going to be Kick-Ass as well – that’s hinted at at the end of Kick-Ass 3. But for Dave it’s all over, that’s it. And for me it’s all over as well probably.”

Millar also spoke about a spin-off movie that was discussed even before Kick-Ass 2:

“Before Kick-Ass 2 came out we’d been talking about a Hit-Girl spin-off movie” he explained. “We’d even talked to a director – we had a couple of calls with Gareth Evans, who I absolutely love. He’s an amazing director. But Gareth’s now busy. Matthew [Vaughn] still floats it occasionally. I’m very philosophical about it – I’ve done my books and I’m really happy with the work and happy with the films. If anything else happens – gravy.”

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Source: IGN


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