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The trailer for the new Fantastic Four movie just dropped and its absolutely amazing. I know many people have gripes on how it doesn't stick true to the nature of the Fantastic Four but i think they need to slow down and appreciate what we got. I mean its a different take on the on the story which they had to after the last two disaster we had. I for one am pretty excited of the new direction this seems to be going in and love the mood and feel of it. I was planning to do a trailer breakdown but after learning of a certain easter egg from schmoesknow i decided to focus on that. The reason being it centered around the big baddie in this film Doctor Doom.

We might not have gotten much of a look at Doctor Doom but we did probably get a pretty huge reveal from the trailer. This deals with the scene with Kate Mara looking at all those monitors pin pointing to a certain nation in Eastern Europe. If you however freeze the frame just right and zoom in you can see which turn out to be coordinates. If you put those coordinates in your browse it takes you straight to a Marvel Wikia for Latveria. If you're not excited right now then it must be because you don't know what Latveria is so let me explain.

Latveria is basically the nation that Doom took over and is now ruling. He is the absolute king there and has his own castle called Doom castle. This makes the nation a superpower due to all of Doom's technological advancements. It be pretty interesting to finally see Latveria on the big screen and just show us Doom as an absolute ruler already. I'm pretty sure there might be more easter eggs in the trailer and i might be doing a more thorough breakdown later. Did you love the trailer or hate it let me know in the comments!


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Are You Excited About Seeing Doctor Doom In Latveria?


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