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Omar Ahmed

You probably have seen the Fantastic Four teaser trailer which launched earlier today. I, for one, thought it was awesome. It really showed what the cast meant by "dark and gritty." If you missed it look it up, but let's get into the point.

(and if you haven't seen it then check it out the trailer immediately below!)

Hidden easter egg:

There was a moment in the trailer that caught my eye, particularly when Sue was looking into some monitors

Yup, this one
Yup, this one

You'll notice that there are some numbers that I have circled, it says "" I looked it up and here's what showed up:

Don't believe me? Look it up!

Ah, Latveria, the home country of our beloved villain Doctor Doom.

Now, what does this mean? Propably, that Doom will have justice on the silver screen for the first time to become the leader of the fictional nation Latveria.


What do you think, will Doctor Doom finally have justice and become the true villain we have dreamt about seeing, or nah?


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