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Today in "I can't believe this, I want fifty of them," news: artist Volatile-Vertex has been building a small army of [Adventure Time](series:2327876) figurines inspired by the heroes and villains of Gotham, and they're totally awesome.

3D printers are being utilized for a number of creative projects these days, but one that tends to shine above others is the capability the printers have given artists and sculptors when it comes to bringing their ideas to life. In what seems to be an ongoing series of figurines, Volatile-Vertex has created the one set that I suddenly need more than anything ever.

Finn the Human as Batman

Finn actually comes in two variants so far: the Adam West-style Batman, with Jake the Dog as the iconic bomb (Jake can also be replaced by a model of the bomb itself) and the more modern, black and yellow take on the Dark Knight's costume.

Both variations include Jake the Dog, ever faithful to his best buddy and adoptive human brother. Jake doesn't seem to have his own individual figurine, but who knows what's in store next?

Princess Bubblegum as Batgirl

Resourceful and dangerous, Princess Bubblegum suits the Batgirl role well, and looks great in the heroine's newest costume design. I could definitely see PB and Barbara getting along - both of them are crazy smart, and while PB tends to lean deeper into the 'vigilante' area than Batgirl does, the two would probably be great friends anyway.

King Worm as the Mad Hatter

King Worm has caused a ton of trouble for Finn and Jake. The Mad Hatter's mind-bending abilities would meld well with the insane worm's power to control his victims' dreams. While the two are both slightly forgettable in the face of more mainstream villains, their powers are still confusing, and likely fatal.

The Ice King as Mr. Freeze

Even their origin stories are similar! After losing the love of his life due to his obsession with his own new powers, The Ice King wandered far and wide, attempting to grapple with his own humanity in the face of maddening powers. Marceline the Vampire Queen is not (yet) a part of this set, so I wonder if he'll tie into her role as well?

B-MO as Alfred

Sassy, smart and almost always right, B-MO serves as Finn and Jake's constant assistant. Whether cooking, cleaning, or investigating a missing sock, B-MO keeps Finn and Jake's treehouse safe and is totally adorable while doing so. B-MO also serves as a voice of reason for the heroes when they argue with each other, so the role of Alfred is perfect for the little game console.

Gunter as The Penguin

I mean, obviously! Gunter and the assorted penguins that live with the Ice King are wildcards in personality, and tend to be a little crazy. Putting any sort of power into Gunter's hands usually results in some sort of massive disaster, so who else would be suited for this role? Also, penguins. Duh.

Are there any character combinations you think would work for Batman and Adventure Time? Let me know in the comments below - and please check out Volatile-Vertex's blog for more incredible work!


Which figurine is your favorite?


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