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So it seems that for Marvel enough is never enough. After having already made millions (and I mean millions) of dollars in their past releases, Marvel have announced just how exactly they plan to rob us of our money in days to come with their "Phase 3" reveal.

And that's awesome!

[Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409) is one of the many titles to be confirmed as having its own movie in the foreseeable future - which is just, amazing. For those who (like me) have read the comic, you may be thinking that you already know what's going to happen...

Well, you just might be very, very wrong.

As the title suggests, it may be made so that the stars-and-stripes super soldier has become corrupted (feel free to insert that dun-dun-dunnnnnn noise at this point.)

And how exactly can we piece this together?

1. Captain America is Sick of People Trying to Stop Wars Before They Happen

Let it all out, big man.
Let it all out, big man.

That's right. In case you hadn't already noticed, good ol' Stevey just there is sick of all the wars he's fighting in. Think about it. In his first film, he had to fight a secret Nazi organisation to prevent a larger-scale World War Two, and look what that got him - 70-ish years as a human "capsicle."

In Avengers, he's fighting to prevent a global-scale Chitauri invasion, and all that got him was some schwarma and ultimately the premise for his next major villain - the AI Ultron.

In Winter Soldier, he discovered "Project Insight" - a project that was designed to wipe out any possible threats to a corrupt S.H.I.E.L.D organisation. He risked his life to stop the project, and for a brief period (as it tends to be in comics,) one of the only men he trusted was dead. And one of the only things he belonged to was corrupt... taken over by the organisation he had worked so hard to stop way back in the 1940's.

And of course, I forget to mention, his best friend was turned into a mechanical assassin and sent to kill him.

So it's fairly obvious Steve's a little p'd off by now. The world hasn't been very good to him to say the least. And as for the whole 'wars before they start' thing - do you remember when, even pre-serum, he used to stand up for what's right before any wrong happened and get beaten up for it?

Nice haircut.
Nice haircut.

Yeah, that fight. Shortly after that scene, Bucky Barnes tells him he can't keep getting into scuffs like this over nothing. So has this gone on throughout his past? Has him trying to prevent wrong got him beaten up multiple times? If that's true, we already had a slightly more menacing face of the genetically enhanced hero way back in 2011.

So it would seem that Marvel have made sure Captain America's inner evil may have taken a long time in the making, and we may not know the super-soldier as well as we all thought we did.

To further back up my argument, Marvel even released this teaser for Avengers 2: Age of Ultron which is rumored to be the beginnings of Captain America:Civil War.

Sorry for the bad quality, it's the best YouTube has to offer.

Notice how in the video Cap states: "Every time somebody tries to win a war before it starts, innocent people die... every time." And not only that, Steve tells Tony that maybe, just maybe, he hasn't shown anybody his dark side yet... So where might this leave us, in a year or so's time, when Civil War hits the big screens?

Calm it, Tony.
Calm it, Tony.

Well, where we left off Mr Rogers had been dragged onto a beach, teetering on the edge of consciousness, knowing that he no longer belonged to anything, and seemingly had little purpose. And what would that do to a guy? Well...

2. Captain America No Longer Trusts Anyone

This was a large lesson learnt by our favorite american flag during his second solo cinematic installment. Hypothetically, right this minute, the character Captain America is having to deal with a world he is unfamiliar with and does not trust.

Disoriented and a little confused, the superhero may feel as if the only thing he belongs to any more is the Avengers. But, of course, that (being one of the only things he has left) is going to inevitably be ripped from him in his third film.

It's tough being a genetically enhanced human.
It's tough being a genetically enhanced human.

If you need to look at what friends he may still have, I'll be posting an article in the nearby future on who's side everybody might be on in 2016. He may, if my theory is correct, have no-one - and the movie plot may be a much darker and lonely take on the comics for Rogers.

Overall, it's possible the first avenger will have nothing left by the time Civil War comes around - and it all seems just a little too much to overlook Marvel's hints. And if, just if, I am right... I could fully understand why Steve will do what he does. As much torture as he may have been through by then (on top of all of his problems already) would be enough, in my opinion, to send anybody crazy.

So are we all set to see the perfect human become the perfect villain? Or am I completely wrong? Have your say in the comments, or take the poll!


Are we set to see Captain America turn dark in Civil War?


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