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Quincy Jackson

To ever one reading this. I love both Harry potter and Naruto. The movies for Harry potter were great. just like the movies and manga were awesome for Naruto. There is just one problem I have with them and that is they should end.J.K. Rowling wants make more harry potter. I feel it's good where they left it. We don't need another movie or an add-on.This is just my little opinion.I feel she should do something else, Not that she is not doing other things, but you get where I am coming from. Let us jump on the matter of anime. Some of them run on forever next to the manga. Masashi Kishimoto creator of Naruto should have ended his books sooner. I felt there was allot of unnecessary stuff, just like the anime. I guess some things I feel should be left to the imagination of the reader. See this is what happens when stuff gets too popular. It starts out great but by the time it is said and done it is a mess. This not the case of all Franchises. I do understand people like theses things and want more of that thing, but history has shown me that's not always a good thing. Look at the mess with Spider-Man and Street Fighter. That it for the moment. please leave your questions comments below.


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