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I discovered "The 100" while perusing Netflix a few weeks ago and it was simultaneously the best and worst decision I have made in a while. I proceeded to cruise through season 1 and caught up with season 2 in one weekend. It was magical. I now have to wait each week for a new episode. Less magical. Still worth it. I couldn't convince my housemates to watch it with me so I basically had to internalize all of my happiness, anger and general WTF-ness towards this insane show. My brain wasn't processing all of this well so I figured I should write it out. I also decided to paint it out. Paint it really badly. This is the result.

Finn decides to make a team meeting super awkward just by showing up.

The thing I really didn't like about this episode was how it dealt with Finn's actions from last week. He killed 18 unarmed people and most of the response was, "Well, that's war. Just pull it together in the future, buddy." I'm pretty disappointed with the lack of remorse on Finn's part and the general acceptingness on Bellamy's. I do not understand why Camp Jaha would let him off so easily? They detained Bellamy immediately after he attacked Murphy a few episodes back. Is it less of a crime when the offense is against someone you believe is your enemy? Even though that enemy in this case is mostly a group of elders, women and children?

Mount Weather is still sufficiently creepy and Jasper is still a terrible friend. I'm glad that Maya is rebelling against her own people to help the kids trapped there. Or maybe she isn't? I don't trust her. Maybe I do? THIS SHOW. I'm glad that Jasper and Monty know that the Weatherites (what are we calling them?) are up to some shady practices. I also understand why they need to volunteer for the blood transfusions because it really is the only way to stall for time. They need the time to figure out their part in the escape and to let Clarke figure out her part in the rescue. It still seems silly for them to participate without knowing exactly what is happening to them. Will the blood transfusions cause them to lose some of their immunity? Will they have a hard time above ground now? Dammit, Jim. I'm not a doctor! I don't know how these things work!

Clarke, Raven, Abby, Bellamy, Octavia, and FINN (WHY?) head out to find the tower Mount Weather is using to jam their communication with other Ark survivors. I appreciated the apprehension Clarke showed when Finn gripped his gun and demanded to help. I did not appreciate his anger. Why are you so upset, Finn? Clarke has every right to be worried that Finn may be a ticking time bomb.

A bout of acid fog (created by Mount Weather, of course) separates the group and leads to an incredibly uncomfortable scene in the love nest bunker. Clarke gets another firsthand look at Finn's bloody actions and Finn…well Finn chooses this moment to give Clarke back her father's watch. Wouldn't it have been better to do this immediately? Like when you "found her", Finn? I got a weird feeling that he almost wanted to use that watch as a romantic gesture but the moment wasn't there. I don't think it'll ever be there again, Finn. Gosh, I hope I'm not wrong.

Kudos to "The 100" for making me terrified of a Christmas song. The juxtaposition of the beautiful "Carol of the Bells" with ugly cannibalism and murder made the parking garage scene one of my favorite in the series. Quick tangent about terminology used by the characters. How do people who have only ever lived in the sky know about parking garages? Is there a section on Earth man-made infrastructure in their Ark school classes? And why is it called a parking garage? Did the original Ark people demand that everyone learn certain terminology or slang? Did they decide on American? What did the other countries from the other stations have to say about this? Why didn't they learn that a parking garage can be called many different things just depending on where you are from? I'm pretty partial to "Parkade" because it sounds fun. This was not a quick tangent. Oops.

The scene in the parkade was perfect. I felt claustrophobic just watching it. I felt terrified just listening to it. It was one of those moments where I realized that I am truly sad that none of my friends watch this show because they are missing out on a something special.

Anyway, Lincoln is a zombie. Well, he's a Reaper. Either way, he isn't the Lincoln I love so it's sad and scary and I hate it. I love that Octavia shot him to protect Bellamy. I love that Bellamy wants to try to help Lincoln which in a way protects Octavia. Her heart at least. Also, her life…because really…Lincoln will try to kill her. Lincoln's brief look at his reflection in the car makes me believe that he is not completely gone. He's a strong guy so I think he can bounce back.

One of my favorite dynamics in this episode was between Kane and Jaha. I never felt that the two were in danger when the grounder told them that they had to kill one or the other in order to atone for Finn's assassinations. Maybe I was in denial. At least I was right. I did, however, not see the twist that the girl keeping watch over the situation was actually the Commander of the grounders. The women are so great on this show.

Kane and Jaha always seem to be arguing about surviving and sacrificing. I thought it would get old but Isaiah Washington and Henry Ian Cusick are such a joy to watch together that it never does. I am curious to see what the Grounders do with Kane since he was deemed slightly more worthy to them after trying to (once again) sacrifice himself. I also thought it was kind of weird that Clarke didn't freak out about Jaha coming from the grounders camp after what happened with Murphy and the virus last season. I get that it would have taken away from the moment when he reveals that the grounders will kill them if they don't leave. In real life though, I would have been backing away as soon as I saw him.

Overall, this episode was one of the best of the season. Every new episode is one of the best of the season though. The writing, acting, production, score, etc is always on point. I hope that next week we see more of a fallout from Finn's murders. It seriously cannot be glossed over. In the meantime, have some cake!

Jaha, out.


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