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Arsh Deep Singh

I would've voted it 2 or maybe 2.5 Something if it was a year ago. Battlefield 4 was launched in a Very Bad Condition.
Glitches, Bugs, Netcode Issues and Random Crashes made it unplayable but now it is so Good and Fun !(For low ping Players atleast)
If you left playing Battlefield because of its "Broken Netcode" I suggest you start playing Now.

Till now we have 5 DLC Packages and 6th Coming as bonus, Its true that Battlefield 4 is not as fun as Battlefield 3 was but its Potential is much more than that of Battlefield 3.

All out War is what Battlefield is all about, You don't get bored of it.

Do awesome Stuff on the Battlefield, You got large number of Vehicles, Guns and their Customisations and you can also do Trolling in your own way.

I am DevilOmaxe, Join me on Battlefield!


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