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tIn the middle of Smallville's run they slowly started to introduce major characters from the DC Universe and the show shifted from just telling about the early ears of Clark Kent to basically telling the beginnings of the DCU. Some characters weren't very well adapted, while others were extremely well adapted. I was a fan of Smallville from "Pilot" to "Finale" (let the mocking being), and I enjoyed seeing some of the DC characters we've never seen before in live action getting their moment to shine. For some, I thought this could be the only chance to see these characters in live action, I especially thought that of Doomsday, though now it seems like that may not be true. There are rumors that Doomsday may be popping up in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and whether that turns out to be true or not, I'm fairly certain that we'll see him in a Man of Steel sequel at some point. There are some characters that I felt Smallville did well and would like to see more of, and there are some that I felt they dropped the ball on and could be done justice. With currently four DC Comics shows on television and more on the way, it is now even more likely that we could get some of these DC characters introduced in live action. These are the ones I would most like to see.

The Question

Smallville didn't tackle this one, probably because he just wasn't a good fit for the series. Question is a darker character, a more grounded to Earth character, and not as flashy as Smallville had tried to be. While I would have liked to have seen him, I agree maybe he wasn't a good fit for that show. He is, however, a good fit for Arrow. The Question has yet to be done in live action in any form, and I think he would be great to see. I would love to see Question get his own movie, but he is probably far too C-list for that. They did wonders with him on Justice League Unlimited, however, and I think he could have a fabulous story arc with the Emerald Archer, and the two do have a history of teaming up back in the late 80s during the Mike Grell era. A lot of fans want to see the Question on Arrow and the producers would be missing an opportunity if they don't end up using him. The Question could also fit in on Constantine, though I don't know if that show will see a second season.

Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)

Ted Kord was name dropped on Arrow a few times, and the producers did intend to introduce him, however they were prevented from doing so by DC Comics and instead changed the character to Ray Palmer, who is well on track to becoming the superhero knows as The Atom. I don't know why DC put the brakes on Arrow using Ted, and if they plan on using him as part of the DC Cinematic Universe, then ok. But I don't know if that will happen or not. If Ant-Man is a success, maybe. Ted Kord deserves to get his chance at a live action interpretation, and I would love to see him be able to be used in the television universe if he doesn't get brought in the the cinematic one. It has also bee suggested that the Blue Beetle character was being reserved for Titans, which would mean the Jaime Reyes version (and for everyone still calling him Jay-mee, the name is pronounced Hy-mee). Smallville used the Jaime Reyes Beetle and it was horrible. He looked like a reject from Saban's Big Bad Beetle Borgs or something. I don't think Jaime Reyes can be done properly on television right now. And even if they do use Jaime for Titans, I would still like to see Ted Kord, in Blue Beetle costume, pop up every so often. I like the character and he deserves it.

Booster Gold

Smallville introduced Booster in its final season, near the end of the series, and they did a fairly good job with him. However, it was only one appearance. With The Flash dealing so much with time travel, Booster would be a perfect fit for that show. I would also like to see them bring in a little more personality than they did in Smallville. Booster on Smallville was kind of a douche, and he should be at the beginning, but Booster is a good character with a good personality that I think got lost in his last appearance. And he has the potential to bring in a lot of humor. I will say this, though, if they do introduce Booster into this new TV continuity, I want to see a real Skeets. No more of this talking to an imaginary friend through your blue-tooth headset crap.


Damage was introduced to the DCU in the mid-90s during the Zero Hour crisis event, which most people seem to forget was the original sequel to the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Damage is the son of the original Golden Age Atom, Al Pratt. He could fit in Titans, The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl... pretty much any show could use this character. He's been a member of the Titans, the JSA and a couple other teams in the DCU. He's a pretty interesting character who has been severely underused. Seriously, Justice League Unlimited used characters like Shining Knight and Vigilante, but we couldn't get some Damage? Seriously, WTF?! Granted, the original Damage title didn't last very long, but that's not because the character isn't interesting. The title failed because the writing sucked. In the hands of Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim and the great writers the television series have, I think they could do this character justice.


The first comic book I ever bought was Superman #75 when I was 12 years old. I became a huge comic book collector after that and I followed the Reign of the Supermen storyline all the way through. I can't help it, the character of Steel, and Superboy for that matter, reminds me of those simpler times and I like him. I even liked the movie with Shaquille O'Neal. Yes, the movie sucks. I totally get that. But it's still a guilty pleasure of mine and I won't apologize for it. I think Steel would be a better fit for the Supergirl series, mostly because of his Superman connection, but I'll take him in any series they choose to put him in. I just want to see this character done properly. They may not have been able to do him the right way in 1997. In the post-Iron Man world we live in now, however, there is no excuse. Give us the John Henry Irons we deserve!

Those are the characters I most want to see brought into the DC Television Universe, who do you guys want to see?


Which Character Would You Most Like to See on Television?


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