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1. Hank Pym might not be all there

Anyone who has read about Hank Pym in the comics will know that he wasn’t always the most mentally stable person. In the comics, Hank Pym eventually goes nuts from all the violence and dangerous adventures he gets into and becomes the anti-hero Yellowjacket, the film’s main antagonist. Corey Stoll, the actor portraying Darren Cross/Yellowjacket, has stated that his character was Hank’s protege and even saw him as a son. However, Darren became obsessed with Hank’s work on particles that could alter a person’s size. This probably created a more estranged relationship between the two.

Hank and Darren seem to have a lot of history, Hank could still care for Darren (or vise versa) and if any future events lead to Darren’s death or incarceration; it could push Hank over the edge. It’s food for thought.

2. Hope Van Dyne might be introduced as a villain but will have a change of heart

We know that the MCU is not afraid to stray from the original source material a little bit and this movie will probably be no different. In the comics, Hope Van Dyne is the daughter of Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne (the original Wasp) and he was also the villain known as “The Red Queen”. Corey Stoll has stated that in the movie, Darren Cross and Hope work together and try to take over the company that Hank has built up. While this might prove that Hope will be an all out villain, Marvel knows that fans want to see [Ant-Man](movie:9048) and Wasp fight side by side on the big screen.

It may not happen in this movie, they could save that for a Civil War plotline. However, we might see a reformed villain by the time the end credits start… Also the story behind the Red Queen is pretty dumb.

3. The film might be a huge heist movie

The plot of the movie is basically that Hank Pym sees greatness in Scott Lang to become the next Ant-Man and save the day from evil… However, what evil is he stopping the movie. It’s been revealed that Darren Cross has created his version of the Pym Particles but they are not “perfect”, they can make people go psychotic when exposed to them. This is probably why Hank has recruited experienced thief and ex-con Scott to become the new Ant-Man… to steal the technology from Darren Cross before he uses them, sells it to the wrong people or just uses it for any evil.

It would make sense has to why Hank would ask someone who has just been released from prison to assist him with this dangerous issue and Hank is too old to accomplish it himself. While the whole movie might not be about the heist, there will be a huge chunk of the movie for planning, executing, escaping and revenge from the villain.

4. Scott Lang will probably be visited by Nick Fury or another SHIELD official

After the events of Ant-Man when Scott saves the day, there will probably an end credit scene where Nick Fury will want to arrest Scott for the robbery, keep a close eye on him in the future or just flat-out invite to be an Avenger to maybe fill a spot in anyone kicks in the bucket in Age of Ultron. Who knows, maybe Phil Coulson will approach him or [Black Widow](movie:1070824) but at some point, Ant-Man will become an official part of the MCU.


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