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For long-time fans of both gaming and comics, DC's up-and-down video game titles have become the norm. Where one game might lack, the next immediately picks up, and for every bad game put out in the name of DC comics, there's almost always a great title released to make us forget about it a few years later.

But, much like a sad little discard pile on game night, certain titles never saw the light of day. In the face of Injustice: Gods Among Us and Mortal Kombat VS. DC, one particular game fell to the wayside. This game was in development to accompany a rumored Justice League movie at the time, but the process was never completed, and all the fans had to show for it were a few screenshots - until now, courtesy of YouTube channel ptoponline.

For members of the fighting game community, the set-up might seem familiar but strange - akin to Mortal Kombat without being like it at all. Either way, it was a weird enough middle ground to get itself cancelled.

Developed by Double Helix (the company now in charge of Amazon's latest effort to crate an in-house gaming department) the fighting game was supposed to mirror a rumored Greg Miller Justice League film. But, well, we all know how that worked out in the end.

Still, with the DC/WB franchises officially kicking off this year, it's likely we'll see video games to accompany them. DC has found massive success in it's various Arkham games that detail the adventures of Batman in Gotham City, and I doubt they'll let video games slide by untouched.


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