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No way! The tenth doctor (David Tennant) is to play Purple Man in the Marvel universe according to For those of you that don't know who Purple Man is or what he is from he is from He was first introduced in Daredevil Vol. 1 #4, his back story says he was originally a physician turned international spy who was named Doctor Zebediah Killgrave.

He was captured while spying on some group and some how ended up getting a chemical on himself that turned his hair and body purple, fortunately for him there were perks other then being purple. He was able to control people through verbal suggestion he can also heal from sever injuries like his doctor who persona. Not everyone can be under his suggestion Doctor Doom is one that can't be, he even uses him at one point to control thousands of people. He becomes a villain to Jessica Jones and her husband Luke Cage. Which is the show that will be airing on Netflix in 2015 it is dubbed "Jessica Jones"

He is in an alternate future where he is President for Life where he uses his powers to stay in office for decades, Spider-man, Captain america and dare devil are all in this one future but spider man and dare devil die and good ole cap'n is shot in the head and sent back in time to 1587 this opens up the Marvel 1602 timeline. He has crossed over into the X-men universe as well as the Luke Cages and Dare devils. I personally am looking forward to seeing one of my favorite doctors painted purple and playing the villain.

For those of you negative Nellies out there David has played antagonists before, at the beginning of his career he played an abusive stalker in one of Britain's TV shows, He has a lot of on camera experience as well as stage experience. He has played a detective(or inspector) in Gracepoint/Broadchurch, hes played the tenth doctor and is still considered the favorite doctor among many fans and has played hamlet. I was never a huge fan of the Luke Cage story line but willing to tune into Netflix as soon as this show airs. I'm so excited to find out that he is crossing over to American TV.


Is anyone else looking forward to seeing David Tennant as Purple Man? Take the poll, if you think of someone better to play the part comment to let us know who.


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