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In the latest episode, Cinefix’s “Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know” tackles “The Matrix” from Reeves impressively doing his own stunt work (minus kicking) to S&M locations, casting twins, and the what if questions arising from who might’ve starred in the movie. Below is a link to the video, and the list of the seven (possibly) rare bits of trivia.

Below is the full video and a few intriguing bits from the clip.

Reeves’ Real Stunt work

There is a ton of action in the Matrix, and it required lots of special effects and stunt professionals to make it all happen. But, you probably didn’t know that for this stunt, Keanu Reeves did it all himself, for real. [Neo climbing out the window at the Meta Cortechs office, while he’s on the phone with Morpheus.] -That is Keanu Reeves, no stunt double, 34 floors up. And, he had to do it all while holding a cell phone, which somehow makes it seem even more stressful.

Neo Played by (Insert top male star name here)

Val as Neo if Warner Bros. had its way
Val as Neo if Warner Bros. had its way

Climbing out of windows in skyscrapers gives you a pretty good sense of how committed Keanu Reeves was to the project. But, he wasn’t the Wachowski’s—or Warner Bros.’— first choice. The Wachowskis were set on Johnny Depp, and Warner wanted Brad Pitt or Val Kilmer. Obviously, none of those guys worked out. But, Nic Cage, Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ewan McGregor and Will Smith also turned down the role, before Keanu became The One. -By the way, Will Smith passed on it so that he could do Wild Wild West, instead. Jean Reno turned down the role of Agent Smith to be in Godzilla.

S&M Location

Let’s talk about the scene where Neo goes to meet Trinity. More specifically, let’s talk about where they are. They shot this in a real S&M club, in Sydney Australia.They shot the whole film down under, so when they needed a club for this scene, they went with the Hellfire Club, in Sydney. And, all of the extras are real Hellfire club-goers, who provided their own costumes. It probably helped save the Wachowskis a lot of money on whips and ball gags.

For more, watch the entire video.


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