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Since the huge successes of

Guardians of the Galaxy and The Lego Movie, it seems that Chris Pratt can do no wrong in Hollywood. He's busy being adorable, funny and kind - who else would steal their superhero costume to go visit a children's hospital?

It's no surprise to see this man of the hour appearing on all kinds of fan-cast lists, and courtesy of Deadline, the latest rumor has him picking up the fedora for a reboot of Indiana Jones.

Disney bought the rights to the franchise in 2013, and despite the disaster that was the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, it seems that they'll be re-introducing the swashbuckling archaeologist to a new generation.

Of course, they are yet to confirm casting for the lead role, and Pratt is not the only one in the running. Here's a run down of the current possibilities.

Chris Pratt

Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy
Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy

The latest addition, and definitely a fan favorite! His role as Starlord proved his talents as an action hero, and that opening sequence on Morag could have come straight from the original trilogy (rocket boots aside, of course). There's no question that he could rock the iconic role, but is it a little too similar to his ongoing work with Marvel? Disney might be reticent to have him play two characters that are so similar, preferring instead to distinguish the new Indiana Jones from the superhero genre.

Bradley Cooper

This particular rumor comes to us courtesy of Latino Review, who reported that Disney was in talks to re-cast Indiana Jones almost a year ago! The Hangover star may be better known for his roles in romantic comedies than action films, but with projects like Limitless under his belt, there is little doubt that he could pull it off. It's interesting to see another Guardians star under consideration - is Disney sticking with actors that are already under contract for some reason?

Robert Pattinson

Despite the actor laughing off these rumors, the Daily Star claimed that he was top of the list over the summer. Best known for the travesty that is Twilight (even he had admitted to disliking the films!), he doesn't have much experience in the action arena. It would seem like a strange choice, although I could definitely see the actor leaping at the chance to take on a starring role in a different franchise - anything to put some distance between him and Edward Cullen!

Harrison Ford

For fans of the original, there is still the possibility that Mr Ford will be reprising his role, becoming Indy for the fifth time. That said, the general assumption is that if he returns for the reboot, it would be in a cameo as a nod to the original trilogy. In his 70s, he's a little past his prime for those high-octane action sequences, even with a stunt double. It also seems that this new movie is more likely to be a total reboot, rather than a continuation from The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull.

Now that Star Wars is well underway, I wouldn't be surprised if Disney turns it's attention to Indiana Jones as the next project, in which case, new rumors will undoubtedly start to fly about the new whip-wielder. While some feel that another re-make of an 80's movie is unnecessary, personally, I'm thrilled to see a fresh take on one of my favorite trilogies.

No news yet on when the re-make is likely to hit our screens, but when I hear, you will!


Who would you like to see playing Indy in the reboot?


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