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So THAT IS RIGHT FOLKS if either the photo didn't get it through to you OR you didn't watch the video, that by the way is amazing, didn't get it through to you. Chris Pratt is Indiana Jones... Almost. Disney is looking to cast Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones, they are in negotiations but it is yet to be confirmed. And if you're wondering, why is Disney doing this then you may not be aware that when Disney bought Star Wars they bought all of Lucasarts which includes the Indiana Joens movies.

So I am pretty sure that this will be a reboot as last time we saw the character no matter how hard we try to forget he was about 65 years old. So that would be a hard transition to make from a 65 year old man to Chris Pratt. So, my guess is a reboot because I do not think with Robocop and everything like that going around Disney would be stupid enough to try and remake Raiders of the Lost Ark.

So what do you think of Chris Pratt POSSIBLY being cast as the new Indy, leave your thought in the comments below and while you are at it who would you have chosen for the role if not Chris Pratt. Also go watch that video if you did not before!


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