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According to Jason Momoa, his Aquaman will probably not be blonde or Caucasian. At this year's Sundance Film Festival, Jason Momoa was asked during a Q&A about his superhero's appearance and his response was apologetic, but pretty matter-of-fact:

"Well, just going off what you've seen so far ma'am, I don't think he is going to be blonde or white. I can't really tell you because I haven't shot it yet. I hate to disappoint. But um, you know, I'm a little different than what those others -- I hope you watch it with an open heart."

You can tell by this response, especially his plea at the end to watch with an open heart, that Momoa knows exactly who this movie's target audience is: fanboys who are irrational and expect everything to be exactly like it is on the page and don't care if it's good; if Aquaman ain't blonde, the movie sucks. Seriously, of all the things you can complain about when it comes to some of these movies, why is appearance one of them?

As awesome as Hugh Jackman has been in the role of Wolverine, there are still people who complain that he's over six feet tall. Who cares?! Would you rather Tom Cruise be playing Wolverine? Is height really better than encapsulating the spirit of the character, which Jackman does better than anyone else I could ever think of? Jackman IS Wolverine and his height shouldn't be an issue. Seriously. Look at Grant Gustin. The Flash is supposed to be blonde as well. Does it hurt the series that Gustin has brown hair? I think I would have a hard time taking a blonde Grant Gustin seriously, if you want my honest opinion. Momoa was born in Hawaii. He's of Polynesian descent, and it is rumored that Aquaman will be of similar racial background in the film, so it wouldn't make any sense for him to be blonde in the first place. And for everyone excited about seeing The Rock as Black Adam, remember, The Rock is Polynesian/Black and not middle eastern.

I think Momoa will be a great [Aquaman](movie:264237). Blonde hair isn't going to make a bad performance better, and brown hair isn't going to detract from his performance either. Just like it doesn't detract from Gustin's and just like Dean Cain not having blue eyes didn't affect his performance. Seriously, Dean Cain is a quarter Japanese for Pete's sake! We literally had a Japanese Superman, and he was great in that part, I think we can deal with a Polynesian Aquaman. What do you think? Are things like height, hair color and eye color really that important?

Jason Momoa will make his debut in the DC Cinematic Universe in [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) in March 2016.


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