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Matthew Anthony

With the end of "The Hobbit" trilogy, I thought about creating a mega-trailer of the trilogy. The Battle of the Five Armies did very well in the box office and the trilogy as a whole, while successful in it's own right, did not live up to "The Lord of the Rings", in my opinion. It definitely had it's moments, some great fight scenes, excellent music and acting. Is "The Hobbit" trilogy one of the best to come to pass in recent memory, excluding "The Lord of the Rings", of course. Check out this amazing video "The Hobbit: The Complete Journey [Extended Cut] and re-live "The Hobbit" in all its glory. Don't forget to vote below it as well if this trilogy is one of the finest in this millenium.

Check out the video above and vote below!


Does "The Hobbit" Trilogy scale up to be one of the best trilogies of this millenium so far?


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