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Who is Superman? I hope this inspired or amazed you. If for some reason you want to read it again, here it is:

I don't like bullies.

I'm here to protect, not to provoke.

I didn't throw the first punch--

--but I'll throw the last.

If that doesn't give you the slightest chills, you're probably Batman or Lex Luthor...or just a Superman hater. Just kidding. I respect your opinions, but these lines belong in the Batman vs Superman teaser trailer.

Here's why.

This is Superman.

These lines definitely capture Superman's character. It was basically the story of Man of Steel if you think closely. (Clark vs. childhood bullies, Superman vs. Zod and the armies, being there to protect, and all that good stuff.)

It's short!

Expect the teaser to be from 30 seconds to a minute. Imagine how vague it will be. We'll be left with more questions than answers. In that case, just have these three sentences. The footage will have the main effect on viewers.

These lines aren't new.

I believe this comic book (Action Comics #19) came out in 2013. There was an awesome new creative team, but they ended up leaving due to some problems. It was going to be an epic new story, and what a great preview this was!

So the point is these lines are two years old and they could be considered for use.

It can be a way introduce Batman.

Like the "You are not alone message," these lines can have different meanings. There has got to be a misunderstanding between Batman and Superman, or else they would not fight. The lines can be talking about Batman, Lex or other villains being the bully. You see, the teaser trailer will most likely be used to hype up the world for this big face off. Superman saying "but I'll throw the last" at the end of the teaser would be epic!

If not, these lines can be used in future promos or... [Man of Steel 2](movie:1516560) (or Superman: Man of Tomorrow?).

I know some of you probably disagree or are totally on board. So here's your chance to show your thoughts.


Should Henry Cavill/Clark-/Kal-El/Superman say these lines for the BvS:DoJ teaser?

See you next time...which is very soon! In that case, vote in this poll.


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