ByCorey Harrell, writer at

TO BE OR NOT TO BE (black in a comic book movie) IS THE QUESTION?! It seems that studios are now getting creative with race as far as casting comic book characters. Why are people having a problem with this? Characters are characters. If an actor can bring it...why should it matter? Please enlighten me on this one. I'm a huge comic book fan (DC) but it's saddens me that I can't even read anything in the comment section because I have to be reminded how racist the world truly is - it's just movies people. If anyone wants to ever question minorities about whether or not there is still racism...just look up JORDAN being cast in the FANTASTIC FOUR! Actually...just look up anything dealing with any black actor playing in any comic book flick. Hating the actor is one thing...but bringing up race is an entirely different matter. Please help me understand this.


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