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I love the FF4. Like the X-Men and Spider-Man I have been reading these comic books as long as i can remember. I have fond memories as a kid flipping through FF4 sitting on my bedroom floor after school or on rainy days(which are many in Vancouver) losing myself in one of they're many misadventures. I feel a bond was made between me and the characters which still hold a very special place in my heart. When i reflect on my childhood, the best memories I have were the times I spent alone with just me and my comic books, my curiosity and wonder.

Who are the Fantastic Four?

The first super-hero team of the Marvel Universe who debuted in November of 1961. Created by the dynamic duo of Jack Kirby and Stan "the man" Lee. The FF4, are an inter-dimensional, time-traveling team of adventurers who are for the most part heroes, but sometime troublemakers. Who origin begins when they were on a scientific mission to outer-space gone wrong and exposed to cosmic rays forever altering their bodies chemistry giving them powers for better or for worse. Led by Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic, a scientist and inventor; one of the most brilliant minds in all of the Marvel or even DC universes. Who can stretch his malleable body to great lengths or shape. Along side his wife, Susan Storm aka The Invisible Woman, like her name suggests can turn invisible and is also capable of projecting powerful force fields. Her younger brother, Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch, who can both fly and generate flames engulfing his entire body and also fire projections with also the ability of turning super nova. And finally, the fan favorite... Ben Grimm aka The Thing, Reed Richards best friend and prior college roommate and also pilot who was turned into a monstrosity of stone with super strength and endurance.

Movie Rights and other 'Bullshit'

Well as we all know Fox studio's has they're grubby hands on our beloved FF4 movie franchise and unfortunately do not seem to want to let it go. Im not sure how many of you have seen the original 1994 film by Roger Cormen, but it was a god awful half ass attempt of a FF4 titled movie. Supposedly Fox released this film just so they could retain the movie rights to the FF4 movie franchise, but does that mean its the 'right' thing to do? Do these corporate assholes have no soul or sense of decency that they can just shit on us as if we are nothing?

Who asked for a FF4 Reboot?

I've been trolling a lot of blogs and posts since the first details of the new FF4 movie have been announced and I've got an overall idea through reading so many comments that people feel pretty negative towards this 'fresh' take on the FF4. So who did ask for this reboot? Were the FF4 fans that had scene the two other movies starring Jessica ALBA just so disappointed in fox after those FF4 movies that they had just lost all hope that Fox Studio's could ever produce a quality take on the Classic Fantastic Four stories and know that they never will take the time to reflect on the comic book and capture the essence of what really makes the Fantastic Four, "FANTASTIC?" that they just gave up on the whole idea of re-telling the original story and completely abandoned the plot because it seemed like the better opportunity to make it up as they go and an easy excuse to use the FF4 brand on a movie that is as far away from the original as can they could possibly get and milk it for as much as its worth. If they could not successfully give us three previous movies when the plot and story boards have already been written and drawn for them what sense does it make to re-imagine an already loved story/characters and butcher them in every sense of the word? I don't know, but seeing what they've done to my beloved FF4 has hurt me some where deep inside I'm not sure how or if i will ever recover from this travesty.


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