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OK, so if you didn't know, back in the 80s Huey Lewis and the News released a song called "I Want a New Drug" around the same time the movie Ghostbusters was released. Thinking the theme song to the film was a bit too similar to his own song, Huey Lewis filed a lawsuit against Ray Parker, Jr., composer of the Ghostbusters theme, citing copyright infringement. The matter was settled out of court, with Parker only agreeing to the settlement if Lewis signed a gag order stating that he wouldn't disclose that Parker paid him or even whether or not Parker agreed to wrongdoing, which Lewis later violated. This was recently brought up in a discussion I was having, and since I have personally never heard any plagiarism in the songs, I was rather curious as to what you guys thought. So vote in the pole and comment if you want to. I think the bass lines and the beats are similar, but the songs are overall very different. I'm just posting this because I'm curious in getting a public opinion, so what do you think? The music video for each song is posted below.


So, Did Ray Parker Jr Rip Off Huey Lewis?


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