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In the first part of Moviepilots exclusive interview with TV and Comedic legend George Lopez, we explored the depths and range of his dramatic acting, In the new movie "Spare Parts", based on a true story. While the first interview was more of a conversation piece between Lopez and myself, this second part is more your classic rapid fire question and answer type of interview.

Also In this second part George Lopez talks about equality in the entertainment industry for Hispanics, future projects in store for George and wanting to work with Marvel or DC in their cinematic universe. Hope you all enjoy.

George Lopez the Interview
George Lopez the Interview

Taking off from the first part of the interview with George Lopez where we got to talking about comedic actors who have switched instantly into more serious roles. George talks about those he feels have pulled it off and respects very much.

What kind of actors do you feel have done the best at the comedic to dramatic acting swith?

George Lopez: "Michael Keaton, is a perfect example! He did his comedy TV at first I think, then he did that great comedy with Henry Winkler, where they play morticians who work at night"

"Night Shift"! Oh yeah, that movie is classic for sure!!

George Lopez: "Night Shift! Great Great movie!! Yeah, so then Mike now becomes THIS dramatic actor. Robin Williams, did it brilliantly! Louie C.K. has done some great things, that Woody Allen project....great! You just can't see it, but man can you feel it when it's right!

George Lopez
George Lopez

What are the movies that fuel your blood.....that really get you motivated?

George: "At times when my life isn't going as good as I particularly like, when you need a little incentive, the time when you need a little something extra, you know. I go with Vision Quest.....or I go a little further with like Rocky, Karate Kid, Vision Quest, Rudy in that order, to get me back in track. The first Rocky, there is something to that you know, like when he's telling Mikey, 'What about my prime" you're just like 'oh my God'! (chuckles)

Exactly! It does motivate you in a way doesn't it?

George: "Oh man, what about MY PRIME, ya know!" (laughing)

Spare Parts the movie. Purely inspirational
Spare Parts the movie. Purely inspirational

One of the things I wanted to get your opinion on is about HIspanics in the industry. Really just Hispanics in general, and how we feel we have to work a whole lot harder to achieve the same kinds of goals?

George: "We do have to work harder! It is not a level playing field. You look at the People Choice Awards or the Golden Globes and we get further away from those things. Our stories matter, our lives matter and our people matter. But sometime I think they make things for one audience and they make movies with all black cast and stick them in a category. I personally like to work with all people and this movie (Spare Parts) is an all inclusive cast with all nationalities and strong woman, men AND kids in this movie. That's significant not only to myself but also to my producing partners, Lionsgate, Pantelion Films (the first Latino Hollywood studio, partnered with Lionsgate Ent.) and the actors themselves"

So do you see a struggle with Hispanics in acting still?

George: "Yeah! I think it will always be, you know. You can always find some gems out there"

Even with someone that has had as much success as you have, do you still have troubles finding roles?

George: "Well now that I've done this (Spare Parts the movie) I'd like to do another one. Produce another one that is kind of like this way, not this very same story you know but another uplifting and happy one"

So with this Dramatic role under you belt, what other projects do you have in store for us George?

George Lopez: "There is another movie called "Car Dogs" it's an independent movie with some really great people. Octavia Spencer is in it, Josh Hopkins...there is some GREAT actors in "Car Dogs" It was made by Adam Collins, who's a professor at Arizona St. and he made the movie with students. It's about one day in the life of this one car dealership in Arizona and it's very powerful as well. It's a completely different character for me that people are not going to be used to seeing me as. I did this project right after finishing up with Spare Parts"

Do you still do stand up comedy?

George "Oh yes absolutely, I love it! I'm doing the comedian thing but now with this (speaking on the movie Spare Parts) I would like to open the whole thing up"
Al La Verga!
Al La Verga!

You have worked with three very, very talented women in the industry. Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lopez and now Jamie Lee Curtis. How do you feel about each of them?

George: "Yes! You know I have all the respect for their talents, for their work and as woman in general. I've been very fortunate.......I have been very fortunate. I don't think I count my blessings as much as I SHOULD! But I have been very fortunate and it might be a Latino I'm still out there doing it.

You know, I notice that too. You work so hard and you're so focused on the job as a Latino you never get to enjoy your achievements. Like right now I forget who I'm on the phone with, I don't get star struck anymore. But trust me......I'll be saying to myself later 'Holy shit I just talked to George Lopez!" (laughing)

George: (Laughing) "That's very nice man"

I just heard news today that Edward James Olmos, has signed on with Marvel Studios for the Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show. How would George Lopez like to work with Marvel or DC Comics as well on a superhero show or movie?

George: "Absolutely!! In a minute!!
George would love to work with Marvel!
George would love to work with Marvel!

That would be great, I just wish we had more Mexican Superheroes!

Ok, George on some final thoughts here. How do you feel about the passing of one of our Hispanic comedic TV legends Chespirito?

George: "Oh man, he was a legend, what he did and what he was able to do. And then those pictures of the kids all dressed like him.........absolutely heartbreaking, it was sweet, beautiful and poignant all at the same time "

I didn't want to get into this but since we are around the same subject matter and how it's been a hard time for laughter.

George Lopez: "It has been a hard year for comedians"

How do you personally feel about the Paris Attacks, who I know our hearts goes out to (we spoke the day after they happened), on the Charlie Hebdo cartoonist and what I feel is like an attack on creative freedoms and creators themselves?

George Lopez: "Yes, my heart goes out to them as well. I've seen the cartoon tribute other cartoons have done in support and they too are also brilliant! An attack on creative freedoms is an attack on all freedoms.

Do you feel joking about the Prophet Muhammad and or ISIS is taking it too far?

George Lopez: "Well when it creates this, there is a fine line an individual has to walk. I personally would not....but everybody is different. I don't begrudge anybody but everybody is different."

George Lopez: "Laughter has to survive"

Well George, on behalf of moviepilot and myself I want to thank you so much for the time given to us to talk about your new movie Spare Parts in theaters Jan. 16. Also thank you for allowing a huge fan and fellow Hispanic the time to talk to a living legend to our people. Keep up the great work George!!

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