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"Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio: The Hottest Couple of 2015, So Far?"
Is what this headline would have read had it been wrote for US Weekly. The only engrossing things to be witnessed since the ball dropped are the first three seasons of Breaking Bad and the "might be" relationship of Leonardo and Rihanna. If you were a '90's kid, you grew up worshiping Romeo + Juliet and Titanic, meaning you grew up worshiping Leonardo DiCaprio. Those crystal blue eyes and perfect lips, toying with that cigarette. Twenty years later, it isn't as attractive but he still makes it look good; maybe after seeing his whole cave man appearance, Rihanna is just what the doctor ordered.

In these ever-changing times, the only thing we should accept as inevitable is progress. With every two steps back we take one step forward. Mr. DiCaprio is putting his foot down and it's facing towards Barbados, to meet Rihanna's family. After the Chris Brown incident and Drake, the only logical thing to do next would be to cut of all the rappers and find someone with some sense, right? Leo is a huge fan of hip hop, he had 2 Chainz perform at one of his birthday parties. He is always being photographed dapping up some of the biggest rappers in the world. From Rihanna's perspective, it's a win- win. Leo is well respected in her industry as well as his own. She is not going to be with someone without street cred and a career; he has that in spades. DiCaprio is known for being a playboy and jet setting around the world with Victoria's Secret models but is it possibly a sign of maturity on his part? Is it possible that Rihanna and Leo are just what the other one needs. She's exotic, beautiful, young, talented, and just challenging enough to keep him interested. On the other hand, he sees her potential to be an American institution. She already has a positive public image, a great career with longevity, and a powerful personality. If she plays her cards right she could be an icon for the ages just like DiCaprio. Leo wants to show her the vastness of her own potential. They could be the most powerful interracial couple to have ever hooked up.

There are numerous amounts of famous duos that are interracial. They don't always end with a happy ending, like the Departed but it was entertaining to watch nevertheless. The first pair that comes to mind is supermodel Iman and disco era legend, David Bowie. The two were married in April 1992 and gave birth to a daughter. Then there was Robert DeNiro and Grace Hightower who were wedded in 1997, filed for divorce but then renewed their vows in 2004. Model Heidi Klum and Seal were married in 2005 but split in 2012. In 2003, Frozen star Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs were married for ten years before heading to splitsville. Possibly one of the most happily married interracial couples, Ice T and Coco Austin, got hitched in December 2001 and are still together. DiCaprio and Rihanna won't be groundbreakers but they have the potential to be the most powerful and attractive of all Hollywood relationships, interracial or not.

Some might find it peculiar that Leonardo would take on pioneering a new relationship during the oh-so hectic award season. Could it be that he wants to finally win an Oscar? The Academy are know for loving super serious dramas where the good-hearted underdog overcomes the egregious mob boss, the star-crossed lovers who live in the end, and the poet who lives in poverty finally gets out of the ghetto. There's no doubt that Leonardo has the talent, the looks, and the do-good personality. The one thing he lacks is relatability. Worth an estimated 200 million dollars and his slew of models on call makes it a little hard for the American people to see Leo as a saint worthy of an Oscar. He takes on these solemn roles in his career but in real life DiCaprio parties at exclusive clubs and hangs out on huge yachts with Bar Refaeli types. The Oscars want to see him as humble in real life as he appears in his movies. Maybe they want him to do five movies in one year so his only competition is himself. Maybe it is because he didn't end up married to Kate Winslet, I mean other than yourself, she'd be next best, right? Perhaps the Academy tried to force together a young Leo and Kate like Katniss and Peeta. It didnt work so twenty years later, the Academy is still pissed that the wedding never happened and they're getting their revenge. They may snub Mr. DiCaprio due to the fact he dies in almost all his movies, in other words the Oscars are holding out until he actually lives until the end. It could be that the Academy is jealous because he is the man who has everything except an Oscar and they're keeping it that way. In his head he's probably thinking "if I date someone that's close to being my equal and the public actually likes" maybe I'll actually win!

It can't hurt your chances, Leo. Rihanna is flawless other than her fivehead *ahem*, forehead. For the first time the men are just as jealous as the women. If they actually are for real and it isn't just a ploy to turn some heads then they should be wished the best of luck. I mean they're two talented, beautiful people who could teach each other innumerable things, probably. It's hard to imagine this lasting forever but let's hope they prove the skeptics wrong. Mrs. Rihanna DiCaprio does have a nice ring to it.


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