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Let me start my article off by saying thanks for clicking to read, hope you enjoy. This is not in any way a confirmation that Marvel will be doing the said project. This is just an idea of mine. Now we shall began..

I was here on Moviepilot a week or so ago and I saw a post talking about Marvel bringing Blade into the MCU. Now, I loved Blade he's an awesome comic book character too. But I can honestly say the last Blade movies done (Trinity, and that knock off movie they had O can't remember the name) they were TERRIBLE. I mean Trinity was alright, but it still didn't compare to the first two films. Any ways the post I was reading got me thinking Blade needs a place in the MCU, Netflix universe, or a slot on TV, BUT the show doesn't necessarily have to be a Blade show. I now Introduce you to NICK FURY'S HOWLING COMMANDOS!! Now I know what some of you are thinking how does a show with these guys...

lead into a movie, or show with Blade? Well well, that is a great question. The answer is............ It doesn't.

Now let me introduce you to these guys...

This is our own Nick Furys Supernatural unit The Howling Commandos. Members consist of Frankensteins Monster, The Living Mummy,War Wolf but in recent years the role of the werewolf has been tookin by one of my personal favorite Marvel Characters Werewolf by Night, and other off and on Members including BLADE. I believe Marvel would absolutely demolish DC in the Supernatural/Superhero genre with The Howling Commandos with Blade as there leader expecily if They make it as a Netflix or cable tv show. I can honestly say I enjoy Constantine but I truly belive marvel can out do DC with this one. It would be a great set up to bring in other characters such as Morbius, Ghost Rider, and even Moon Knight. If they did this on Netflix they could they could for one push more twords a R rating so they could even bring in The Punisher and team up with the Defenders.

One problem though would be copyright issues with Universal for characters like Dracula Frankenstein, the invisible man an others BUT I'm more then sure that even though Universal is making its own Monsterverse( Witch I'm excited for) I'm sure they would want a little joint deal with marvel so they can get a little bit of that MCU money. In all honesty this most likely WONT happen, but it's still a great idea. It could expand the MCU further and have the folks at Marvel dip there toes in "Horror" some what. I'd love to see there take on the Supernatural.

Also before I go, for the folks that would like to see more Marvel shows in the Agent Carter style, how about a show about NICK FURY?

No No No not Our Nick Fury.. aka Nick Fury Jr.. but about his daddy who just so happens to be missing the same eye..

Nick Fury Sr.
Nick Fury Sr.

yea this guy.... any ways if you like the old school feel then a story about Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos would be pretty ideal and would give a pretty cool look at the original Nick Fury.....

Yup back to these guys.. lol

Well that ends it, I'd like to hear what you all think have a good night/ Morning


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