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As Wichita falls so falls Wichita Falls
Sam Mg

So there are three types of paranormal beings in connection with serious paranormal investigation: Spirits, Ghosts, and Entities. Spirits are a psychicly recorded event or object in connection to a specific place. They are just subconscious recordings of an extreme event or emotion. Ghosts are the electromagnetic presence of a humans psyche in the physical universe. And Entities are everything else, what we may call "Angels" or "Demons". Now, seeing as a spirit is a psychicly recorded event, would it not be possible for these electromagnetic impulses to be superimposed onto a film or digital coding? Could it be possible that when we watch a movie from our childhood or a difficult time, that we are creating our own spirits? That we are imprinting ourselves onto an inanimate object without knowing it? Could this be what we consider movie magic? And if so, does this imply that the films we all enjoy somehow have a life of their own? And if this happens to true, what other works have been given a soul because of our love?


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