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**DISCLAIMER** This is my OPINION. Having this opinion does NOT in any way shape or form make me sexist, misogynistic, or anything else that people may think based on my opinion of the all female reboot of Ghostbusters. It is a simple observation. I don't feel like I should have to make this disclaimer, but the fact is, I've seen a lot of people being sexist about the casting decisions and I've also seen a lot of people claim that it's sexist purely for being critical because they're all women. Both those groups of people should go crawl into a hole and die. Again, opinion. Anyhow.

It was announced a while back that a new Ghostbusters was in the works. Today, the casting was announced, so I figured now was as a good a time as any to come out and say the following:

I, personally, strongly dislike the idea of a Ghostbusters reboot. Firstly, because

a) I'm not a fan of films being rebooted. It seems to me like when something is rebooted it's because someone feels they can do it better. Nobody is touching Ghostbusters or Ghostbusters II, so it pisses me off that people think they can try. It's an iconic film! It's not something that ANYONE should try and do over. If you're going to redo a move, go with something shit, not something great.

b) I don't like the actresses involved. Not a fan at all of the casting. Hate it. Cannot see why any of them were picked for this film at all.

Now, I'm not only going to put forward my grievances with the decisions made regarding the reboot thus far, I'm also going to put forward ways I believe would have made the decision to make a new Ghostbusters better.

Now, let me clarify my issues. Ghostbusters is a widely loved film. It has a cult following, as well as a mainstream audience who adore it. There have been countless spin offs, across various mediums, such as comic books, video games and cartoons to name a few. This goes to show how much people love Venkman and co. Why does something so widely loved and enjoyed need to be remade?

Answer: it doesn't. By rebooting Ghostbusters, automatically, you're pissing off a large portion of the audience and fans of the original. Not a smart move if you want a movie to be successful. Add the additional 'controversy' of replacing the cast with women and you have a (potential) recipe for disaster.


Personally, I would have gone with a sequel. It would have been fantastic to see the remaining members of the cast (RIP Harold Ramis AKA Egon Spangler) have an involvement in this movie, passing the proton packs on to the next generation. I truly believe that this would have been the best way to go about it. This way, the original boys get some credit for something that they made iconic AND they can introduce a kick arse new team as well. This way you can recognize the existing team, pass the torch on and essentially make a soft reboot all in one. Everybody wins. Take notes Paul Feig.

The casting.

The New Ghostbusters cast.
The New Ghostbusters cast.

I'm not a fan of the casting at all. I don't see a single actress here that I find funny or talented enough to headline something of this magnitude. Nor do I see a name anywhere near big enough to anchor this kind of film. If you want to reboot a movie, you NEED a big name in there somewhere. None of these ladies have that. Nor do I think they're anywhere near good enough for something of this caliber. At best I see supporting actresses here. I'm aware the Kristen Wigg (the most talented of the group) has starred in Bridesmaids, but come on, we're talking about Ghostbusters here. Give us someone BIG.

And surely I'm not the only one who is sick of Melissa McCarthy? It gets old seeing her play the same role all the time.


How many times is she going to be the female Zack Galafianakis? It isn't funny when he does it, it's not funny when she does it either. She plays the same part consistently and it wears thinner and thinner every time. The only way this casting choice could have been worse is if it was Rebel Wilson.

Now, the remaining two. Kate McKinnon and and Leslie Jones. Both coming from Saturday Night Live. There hasn't been a consistently funny actor or actress come from SNL since (coincidentally) Bill Murray left the show. Not impressed with either of them. Or Saturday Night Live for that matter.


Recast. Recast the hell out of it.

They need to have someone come in that stands out. They need...Emma Stone.

She's even had a Ghostbusters moment!
She's even had a Ghostbusters moment!

She's sassy and funny as hell and is more than a big enough name to anchor this film. Bill Murray even picked her, what more do you need? Plus I could totally see her as the Venkman type character of the movie and coming out with something like this:

Admit it, you could totally see her in that role.

As I already said, Kristen Wigg, isn't someone that has impressed me enough as an actress for something this big. And so far she strikes me as the potential leader in the reboot. Out of who has been cast. Move her into a supporting role and make Stone the star of the show. That way you still have a (relative) up and comer on board, but you also have a big name that draws interest from the people. Kristen Wigg certainly doesn't do that on her own. I could, however, see her playing a Ray Stantz type character. The second in command to Emma Stone's Peter Venkman.

However, alternatively, (and preferably) I could also see someone like Sarah Silverman playing this type of role as well. She's way funnier and would be more than happy in a supporting role. Her sense of humor is quite similar to the sort of stuff written by Harold Ramis and Dan Akroyd.

Mayim Bialik.

She is someone else who I believe would be great for a film like this. She has the science background both on screen and off, (for those who don't know, she has a PhD. in neuroscience and is best known for playing Amy Farrah Fowler on the Big Bang Theory) and would be perfectly suited for the relatively quiet and nerdy type character played by Egon Spangler. She's also funny as hell when she needs to be and has the right look for Ghostbusters.

Which leaves us with recasting the Ernie Hudson/Winston Zeddemore role. He came into the movie a little later on and was really quite funny too, although not a huge role overall. Personally, being a huge fan of Community, I really like Yvette Nicole Brown. She makes me laugh and being not as well known as the rest of the cast, surely would be content with more of a supporting role. I'm also a big fan of Octavia Spencer. Her role in The Help was absolutely hysterical and I think she would bring something special to this.

So there you have it. Feel free to shower abuse in the comments section, rant about how I'm a sexist, rant about how the cast shouldn't be female. Say what you like, but it's all going to fall on deaf ears. Because as I said, it's my opinion. And you aren't gonna change it.


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