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Uh-oh. Looks like a big tension came in for this episode which every time I see its title, I think of it like The Fast and The Furious movie title. Ooops! Sorry, not that relevant!

Anyhow, let's skip to the great part. This is the latest episode that we get to see Dr. Harrison Wells' running like The Flash and yes, we get it. He is The Reverse-Flash! (His casual clothes are more like Barry's. I couldn't help but notice it--from the sneakers all the way up to his top.) But, the ambiguity of his moral values is completely making us crazy like as if we want to literally step up in front of him and ask this guy why is he so pretentious at being so prudent? I suggest, Iris would have asked him during the press conference. Patiently waiting here!

However, that's way too soon to happen since Iris just got her new job in Central City Picture News--and I loved it! Of course, being a journalist is not that too easy to dig in. And yes, her character is really evolving into a huge role of media work. Iris is a very a relatable character. This is something to be proud of that we get to see her improve more as a journalist in the next episodes to come. Realistically speaking, one has to prove herself to fit in the world of media and that's way too difficult to get the trust of the news team especially when you're interacting with some of the most experienced and professional reporters who have had put their whole lives in taking scoops to feed information to the public. Kudos! to Candice for making it more realistic. I feel her disappointments, shame, and pain on achieving her dreams. That's really how the process works. Good to say the word "gumption" for surprising Mason Bridge! Way to go girl!

Good thing is, she has Barry to set the mood up for her. Surprisingly, both are already prepping their relationship as bestfriends--easy getting out from awkward ambiance. Too fast yet relieving. This episode has shown that no matter how Iris is still on the process of absorbing Barry's confession, she can still be his bestfriend and set the comfortable mood. Same as Barry in which he could talk to Iris normally as if nothing happened. Though I find it odd to see Iris not asking Barry about his problem since she noticed him sad immediately. Why then? Nevertheless, I guess, the emphasis of treasuring their friendship is the strongest foundation of making their connection last a lifetime. This is a real-deal of will-they-or-won't-they relationship of Barry and Iris. Let's see where their story take in. Also, I'll be more delighted and excited to see Iris do live reporting. Good job dear!

Barry and Iris both having a bad day.
Barry and Iris both having a bad day.

Though we just got some short glimpse of Barry and Iris' interactions, we still got good thrilling action when Hartley Rathaway or known as Pied Piper came in the scene. Among the villains, who sort of almost ruining the city, he's got the more interesting story and purpose. Specifically, knowing about Dr. Harrison Wells' big dark secret.

It's really a tremendous bomb to deal with that having Pied Piper around is a real big threat for Wells. Now, that is intriguing particularly when they had a conversation which wasn't revealed on TV. I think Wells has already threatened Hartley that could possibly lead him in peril or yet maybe into something more. I also kinda sort of predicting that he might be a good addition to the [The Flash](series:1068303)'s team when he gets to realize that he's made up for something good. Also, an interesting part for Cisco now that he knows Pied Piper is the key to reconnect with Ronnie (Firestorm). This might be too risky but Cisco might allow himself do the lesser evil, and that is to flee Pied Piper to find Ronnie. This big scene for Cisco is happening now that he might encounter difficulties dealing with both Barry and Dr. Wells. Of course, it's a palpable notice that once Caitlin knew about this, she might willingly fill herself in to support Cisco and step up to find his former lover, Ronnie. Guess the Firestorm storyline is just getting more exciting! Just heating up everything more than what we could ever imagine. I also liked the part of Physics language of Barry to Joe as well as Cisco's. Such a big bomb to drop! Cool.

Meanwhile, speaking of another great part, Detective Joe West is having doubts on Dr. Harrison Well's private life. Yeah, we feel you detective! Though we sort of ahead of you knowing his doubtful agenda. We still feel you! But what makes this more interesting is when Eddie gave a prior information about Wells to Joe. Though nothing seems interesting and vacillating, Joe is still determined to secretly investigate about Wells. Very brilliant! Also, Eddie's helping Joe to get information from The Reverse-Flash huh. It would be fun and mind-blowing to see these two together do investigations that would both lead them to something unusual and life-changing. Way to go for a full of surprises!

Okay, that's a wrap for this episode! By the way, The next week's episode promo is out on social media sites. And I'm kind of very surprised by Barry's flirty moves with his new girl, Linda Park. And, more intriguing lunatic villains, more action and fun for our Scarlet Speedster and team. Hmm, let's see. Pretty fast pacing of story is getting better for this series, huh.

So, what can you say? And, what are you excited about next week's episode?


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