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Disclaimer: This is a piece of satire on actual arguments against Superman and Wonder Woman (look under 'you' for side splitting talking points) ... I am serious... These are real talking points against two fictional characters being together... I couldn't make these up if I tried...REALLY REALLY HARD.... Enjoy!

Let’s start shall we…

You vs Reality… And our game begin…

You- Superman being with Wonder Woman is sexist?

Reality#1- Ma Kent raised Clark right he knows how to treat a lady…. like is is a beautiful (warrior) princess. Ma Kent would pop out of her grave and lay the smacketh down on his big blue ass if he ever treated a woman with disrespect. Momma ain't raise no fool son…

Reality#2- When have Superman been anything but a gentlemen to any women EVER?

Above: How to greet your Amazon goddess girlfriend. Ma and Pa Kent home training at its finest!

Below: How not to greet your Amazon goddess friend.

This my friends is demeaning and disrespectful behaviour. This is not ok and will result in this….

Thinking this type of action is ok because it means Wonder Woman isn’t with Superman defeats your own argument… Orion behavior is clear vile, so if Superman is such an evil man partaking in such vile acts like Orion…. Why do you want him so much?

You but he dominates over her…

Reality#3- Who’s been the one needing saving… Superman. Kryptonians love their women big, fiery, fierce and whipping ass…. Does Zod Dominate Faora? Does Jor Dominate Lara? Or are both women more badass than their men? I think his race has proven that they like their women to be their equals.

Zod is referring to Diana…. the fierce one… she reminds me of our mother Kal… Hmmm that apple didn’t fall far from the “tree” did it…

PS that Big Momma Lara Lor Van aka Kal-El’s bad mamma jamma mother

Reality #3- Like his parents, both of them , he saw the value of equality and teamwork in their relationships . SMWW are equals no one is above the other.

You it’s racist against humans!… Facepalm… Really that’s the best you’ve you could come up with?

Reality#4- So if I am hearing you correctly

Aquaman and Mera

Superboy and Wonder Girl

Beast Boy and Raven

Hawkman and Hawkgirl

Isis and Black Adam

Zatanna and Constantine

Big Barda and Scott Free

Reed Richard and Sue Storm

Storm and Wolverine or Black Panther

Black Bolt and Medusa

Jean and Scott

Green Lantern and Star Sapphire

Apollo and Midnighter

Vixen and Green Lantern aka Jon Stewart

Iron Fist and Misty Knight

Power Man Luke Cage and Jessica Jones

Rogue and Gambit

Professor X and Lilandra

…. are racist because they are relationships between two superpower people. So I offer you this…. Wouldn't that also make…

Bat and Cat

Green Arrow and Black Canary

Dick and Babs

Steel and Lana

Joker and Harley Quinn

Huntress and Dick

Hawkeye and Mockingbird

…Racist against superpowered couples….

Checketh yourself…

You he needs a connection to humanity

Reality#5- The people of Smallville are the reason he’s Superman in the first place.The kind hearted people of a farming town created DC’s greatest hero. Ma and Pa Kent showed him the value of hard work. Smallville taught him his worth. Metropolis taught him to be selfless. So the people around him are his connection to humanity. Clark is the the most human of us all as said by paranoid Batman.

Reality#5 part-2- Where did Clark grow up? Earth. How do he view himself? He sees himself as the humble son of a farm, a mild mannered reporter and a protector of the innocent. He views himself as human. Yes he know he isn’t but this planet is his home and the people on it are his people.

Bonus Round

Reality#1- Bonus Round- Wonder Woman and Superman aren’t together just because they are strong…. But because when they are weak they make each other strong.

Reality Bonus Round #2- Superman and Wonder Woman are together because they share a deep bond of friendship. A friendship that blossomed into something more. And isn’t friendship the root of all relationships?

Reality Bonus Round#3- Superman has “the feels” around Wonder Woman. She leaves him Speechless….

Wonder who won?

Reality finisher….

He wants to be there. He doesn't have to but he chooses to…

You stay Super/Wonderful and remember knowledge is POWER!


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