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There's been lots of controversy, skepticism, and hate surrounding this reboot. After all the waiting, questions and discussions of the new plot we finally have an actual teaser trailer. What do we all think of this first glance?

Watch the trailer here

When I first watched this trailer I was intrigued but not impressed at the same time. I don't know if that makes sense but that's what went through my mind. On one side of things this film has a COMPLETELY different look that I expected. The original [The Fantastic Four](movie:34667) films were a bit campy. This version so far looks to be going for the complete opposite side of the spectrum.

I hate to say it looks dark and gritty because that feels so cliche. However, it may actually apply in this case. Not so much that this story looks like it's brooding like a Christopher Nolan Dark Knight film but the trailer made it seem like this film will have no jokes at all. This film will be serious. I could be totally wrong guys but let's remember this is just a teaser trailer.

The second thing I noticed is that this trailer felt very similar to the teaser we got for [Ant-Man](movie:9048) earlier this month. What I mean is the editing of these trailers seemed like the same guy did them. There were lots of exterior shots, brief glimpses of the actors, a long voiceover throughout... Sounding familiar?

My problem with this is that since this film has been kept such a secret, I was hoping the first trailer would be mind-blowing. I'm not going to pick this trailer apart don't worry it's just I have high hopes for this film. I want Fox to succeed. Marvel Studios can't be the only studio in town making quality comic book films. What bugs me is they have been SO good about not letting screenshots, set photos, looks of the costumes or any REAL plot details leak. For that reason I was building anticipation.

Finally, you give me the FIRST LOOK at this film and you give me something that any editing student can slap together with the same footage... Look at the way Marvel gave us trailers for [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073), Captain America: The Winter Soldier or even the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron. Those trailers have set a tone and made you want to buy your tickets early online to go see them.

Am I thinking about this too much because it's a teaser? I probably am. That's honestly why I hate teaser trailers. I would rather wait another 4-6 months for an official 3 minute trailer that makes me go "HOLY SH*T DID YOU SEE THAT?" When I have that kind of reaction I tell my friends about it and they tell their friends and before you know it everyone has seen it. That's how you put as*es in the seats Fox! If this wasn't a comic book movie and I had no idea what this was I wouldn't be enthused to see it.

Show me more shots like this one above! We want to see tiny sneak peeks of heroes displaying their powers. We don't want to see cars driving, people typing on computers or characters walking around... I really didn't like this trailer as a trailer itself but that doesn't mean I won't like the movie.

What worked for me in this trailer was the sci-fi look it has to it. It looks like they want to make this a different type of world than the X-Men films. Will those two teams every join forces in a film? Maybe one day! If it does I hope we wait until Fantastic 4's first 3 films all make a impact storytelling-wise.

What did you all think? Please comment below!

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