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This series is a particularly unusual one in the history of gaming. The first title started out a lot creepier than the series' later instalments, almost attempting a Resident Evil style atmosphere. But Dante became quite different by the time we saw him in Devil May Cry 3. So I'm left wondering what lies ahead for this series.

DmC and Devil May Cry 4, as we know, are getting the updated treatment for the PS4 and Xbox One. Though the rerelease of DmC is very peculiar to me. I mean, the game wasn't exactly adored in terms of the franchise. It was an attempt at pushing it into the modern age, however it just removed too many features that make Devil May Cry so great!


Now they're attempting to give this game another shot, or perhaps just try and force us to give it another shot. They've added a lot of the details that players complained were absent. By popular demand, Vergil will now have his own Bloody Palace mode, featuring sixty waves of stylish madness. As an added bonus, the timer in Bloody Palace mode (for both characters) is now a toggle-able setting.

A perennial favourite of the Devil May Cry franchise, Turbo mode, gives a 20% speed boost to all gameplay, upgrading the game’s tempo from Adagio to—wait for it—Andante. Ha...sorry. We also get hard mode, designed for those looking for a classic, hardcore challenge, this setting can be toggled on and off between stages, and will affect various aspects of the game, such as Devil Trigger, AI, and the Style system.

My personal favourite - Devil May Cry 3
My personal favourite - Devil May Cry 3

And then we've got Must Style mode for the the masochistic, this mode requires that players achieve an S style rank or higher in order to deal damage to enemies. I mean, that all does sound a lot better, but I just didn't enjoy the game all that much or its characters, even though its level design was extraordinary!

And then of course there's Devil May Cry 4, which they haven't really discussed too much about. Assumedly it's just getting a visual upgrade and made to work with our new sharing possibilities on the PS4 and Xbox One. It's all pretty cool, but what about the future of the series? Is it going to continue along the vein of DmC?

Will we be getting a true Devil May Cry 5 or will they just jump and call it 6? Probably neither really. I mean they attempted to reboot the series for modern audiences with this stupid title "DmC: Devil May Cry". Why have the abbreviation and full version as the title??

In any case, I wouldn't mind seeing Dante return and to have Capcom excel at making games again. Even the Resident Evil series has collapsed, so let's hope this doesn't happen with Devil May Cry. What do you guys think? Do you want to see DmC 2 or have the series return to its awesome roots?


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