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When it comes to getting answers about upcoming Marvel movies, the main point of contact for most enterprising Marvel fans is Ryan Penagos - Marvel's Executive Editorial Director for Marvel Digital Media Group and

Penagos, as part of his Tumblr blog, often answers questions from fans about a vast range of Marvel-related subjects - and, though he's often intentionally incredibly vague with his answers, they're often all we get to hear until Kevin Feige jumps on stage with Robert Downey Jr. a few months later. So, his recent answer to a question about Captain Marvel might just have got us here at Moviepilot a little hot under the collar...

The only problem?

Penagos typically only answers in gif form - leaving us to piece together just how much - if anything - he's telling us.

And, so, when asked...

"So any cameos from Blade or Punisher in any of the netflix shows?"

He responded with...


Now, his answer could well have been 'absolutely, they're awesome' - but it's way more likely that it was 'sadly, no, they're far too R-Rated.'

Similarly, when asked...

"When will we see a Masters of Evil vs. Sinister Six movie?"

He answered with...

Which could, theoretically, mean 'they're trying really hard, but they aren't there yet'. But almost certainly actually means 'they're owned by different companies, what's wrong with you?'

Some answers, though, are a whole lot harder to work out with any real confidence - like, say, those attached to these two Spider-Woman related questions...

"What's the movie rights situation with Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)? Is she at Sony or Marvel, or both like the Twins?"

Which was followed by this...


"2014 was good to Spider-Woman, how would you describe what 2015 has in store for Jessica Drew?"

Which was accompanied by this:

Both of which could mean...more-or-less whatever you want them to.

Similarly, the answer to...

"Any news of when Black Widow and Hawkeye will appear next in the MCU following Age of Ultron?"

is this...

Which is, quite literally, a silent, knowing smile.

There are, though, a couple of answers that are a little more...clear cut.

Like, say, his response to...

"Will we see any Marvel-related "surprises" during the Super Bowl this year?"


Which seems to be very much saying that yes, just like we all expect, there will in fact be a Marvel presence during the Superbowl.

The big one, though, came when one fan asked:

"Can we have Natalie Dormer as Captain Marvel?"

To which Penagos responded with:

Yup. A gif of Natalie Dormer eating an apple - either seductively or smugly, depending on your personal preference.

And, sure, that might just mean that Penagos had a gif of the talented and beautiful Dormer hanging around, and thought he'd throw it in there for the fun of it - but in the context of his other answers, it might just mean a little more.

It does, after all, sure make it seem as though Penagos knows something we don't - and, if I'm not mistaken, that something might just be that Natalie Dormer is closer to becoming Captain Marvel than we'd previously assumed.

Or, y'know, that she just really likes apples.

What do you guys think? Do we finally have our Captain Marvel? Would Dormer even be the best choice? Is there something even bigger that Penagos has hinted at that I'm missing?



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