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Horcruxes cause Harry Potter a whole world of trouble... but are they to blame for Harry's terrible childhood? Tumblr user Graphic Nerdity has a pretty interesting theory...

Yes, yes they do.

... not to mention diaries.

Also, they turn Ron into a kind of crap Frodo.

They chat up underage girls (bad Riddle!)

Their crimes against noses know no bounds.

MIND.... Blown?

I mean, the Dursleys are pretty horrible...

Maybe this horcrux-made-the-Dursleys-jerks theory holds water?

My fave comments from the Imgur thread so far include:

TheFriendlyGhostHunter's South Park reference:

The weasleys get affected so strongly because gingers don't have souls, so Voldemorts soul piece takes over until stopped.

TheKoalaBear's crossover thought:

Yooooo, doesn't that mean the One Ring is like Sauron's Horcrux??

... and the bold snark of youaresoverywrong:

So why isn't Harry a self involved little twat? OH WAIT

What do you think of the theory, Potter fans?

Source: Graphic Nerdity


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