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Karly Rayner

You know how you have clothes in your closet that you have no idea where they came from? It seems that even über-celebs like KStew have exactly the same problem.

Take this fetching sweater that Kristen Stewart was modeling the other day while she strolled along the streets of L.A...

...Eagle-eyed Kristen fashion obsessives might recognize this particular garment from WonderCon 2012, but this wasn't the first time that the sweater had been snapped by the press...

...In fact, Kristen isn't the first person the garment was seen on either! Back in 2011 her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson wore the sweater while filming Cosmopolis in Toronto.

But, before team Robsten 4eva start wriggling out of the woodwork, let me get one thing clear: Kristen isn't pining for her 'soul mate,' she just knows a good sweater when she sees one!

Besides, have you seen how happy she looks with her 'gal pal' these days?

Source: MTV


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