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I'm sure we've all sat and pondered, as Christopher Nolan's Bat-epic The Dark Knight's end credits roll, what exactly they had in mind for the future of The Joker? I know I have.

What would become of him in Arkham Asylum? Would they have finally introduced Harley Quinn? And later, would The Joker have teamed up with Bane and Talia al Gul in order to take down Gotham once and for all? Or would he have laughed away the seriousness of The League of Shadows?

I guess fans of the Nolanverse Batman could speculate forever, but some major players in the fan film business have been considering the same questions and have managed to answer them in stunning style with a series of short films set in Arkham Asylum.

Occulus Films' The Padded Room details Nolanverse's The Joker's 7 year incarceration in Arkham Asylum after the events of TDK, right up to TDKR. It's incredibly well done and very well acted, especially tackling the icon that is Heath Ledger's Joker.

The first trailer for the fan series has landed so take a look... it's properly awesome.

Eric Lettman, your Joker is superb. And he wrote and directed this! I salute you. Definitely one of the best fan films I've seen! What do you guys think? Please tell me you watched it. No...? Here, take this...

Tiny Breakdown!

Cause there's loads of talking and sitting down...


No this isn't a shot of The Joker giving a friendly welcome, he's been in the dark of his cell for quite some time. Best place for him!

This is Dr. Jeremiah Arkham, chief administrator of Arkham Asylum.

The two indulge in a little light conversation...

...or an interrogation as The Joker correctly believes it to be.

The Joker quickly bores and takes control of the questioning...

...asking if Dr. Arkham feels safe in the cell with him, regardless of the guards outside.

If Dr. Arkham did have any apprehension prior to meeting The Joker, he was right when he slips off his handcuffs...

...and the rest is waiting in the video, eager to be seen by your hungry eyes.

It was truly great, and a really fun watch! The ending had me in stitches, which says a lot about me really.

What did you guys think?

If you did dig it, check out more of Occulus Films' stuff at their Facebook and site!

(Source: Occulus Films via Vimeo)


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