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When a big name A-list star is projected onto an IMAX screen, you'e probably going to be sending most of your attention their way. But, if you stop ogling at Ryan Gosling for a moment, you might find some rather interesting, amusing and just downright weird things happening in the background.

Extras have a tough job, they're on the lowest rung of the movie production ladder, they must be kept separated from the 'real talent,' and they usually get last dibs on the catering. Indeed, it seems even some editors and directors fail to notice some of their stranger behavior. Let's take a look at some of them below:

An Interesting Take on Cleaning the Air

Got to admire that technique though. Classic sweeping.

No Animals Were Harmed in the Creation of This GIF... I Hope

War is Fun!

My Thoughts Exactly...

Aren't You A Little Tall For A Stormtrooper?

Fun Fact: The original version of Star Wars: A New Hope did not feature the now famous 'clunk' sound effect, it was added by Lucas to the HD remastering after it became a well-known gaffe.

Shut Up Dexter, I Want To Hear What The Guy Behind You Is Talking About

It looks way more interesting.

This Is What You Get For Hiring Discount Henchmen

The premium kind at least stay on their feet until the hero hits them.

I See A Bad Moon Rising

This Cheeky Couple

The Discipline of the Samurai Is Undeniable

Do you know of any other outstanding extra performances? Let us know about them.

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