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Like most kids, I was always terrified of ghosts when I was young, but there was one vital exception: Casper.

Yes, Casper the Friendly Ghost was the one undead spirit who, mercifully, stayed out of my nightmares. But perhaps I had more to fear about the little guy than I first thought. Reddit user Scotscin has a rather horrifying theory that's completely changed my perception of the so-called 'friendly' apparition, and you might not like it!

But before we get down to it, check out the "Friendly Ghost" version below:

Scotscin argues that the Casper we know and love doesn't look anything like the real Casper... because the "real" Casper looks truly horrifying. Hear him out:

In the old Casper cartoons, it's played for laughs that he's going around trying to start friendships and only succeeds in scaring the living bejeezus out of everyone he meets. But why? He looks like more like a translucent marshmallow than any type of apparition, and even as a kid it never made sense to me why everyone over-reacts every time they meet him.

It's true, Casper doesn't look anything like the paranormal phantoms we see in horror movies. Once you got over the fact that, you know, a dead boy was talking to you, there really wouldn't be much cause for alarm. Or would there?

What if the Casper we see in the cartoons/movies is not actually how Casper looks? What if, instead, it's a representation of how Casper sees himself? And in actuality, there's a damn good reason why people flee at the very sight of him?

So instead of this...

...they see this!

How would you react if that thing woke you up in the middle of the night telling you they were really a stand up guy, once you got to know them? Personally, I'm not so sure I'd wait around for the more pleasant parts of their personality to present themselves!

What about the other ghosts?

If this theory is true, it could also mean that Stinky, Stretchy and Fatso look a whole lot nicer than they appear. After all, if they're Casper's enemies, his projection of their appearances are bound to be inflected with a little ghostly spite.

What an awesome way to turn the franchise on its head!


Does Casper really look like this?


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