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While Disney movies do have their dark moments, no one could ever accuse them of being an all out horror fest. However, it seems like artist Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros has decided that maybe that's exactly what our fave Disney movies should have been!

The artist took it upon himself to create images in which some of cinema's greatest villains have wandered right into a Disney movie, and personally I think he's nailed it! Take a look at these images, but be warned, you may not be able to rewatch these Disney classics without worrying about a scary special guest making an appearance:

Snow White becomes Jason's next victim

After happening upon the murder site of several of her woodland friends, Snow White looked up in time to see Jason Voorhees coming at her with a sharp knife and an unstoppable appetite for murder.

Ariel is wooed by the creature from the black lagoon

Playing in the reeds proved to be a big mistake for Ariel as the creature found her and snatched her up. I'm not sure whether or not she has just passed out from the shock of what she saw, or if, in fact, she was offed by the monster.

Catwoman stops by for some milk

She may look sweet and innocent alongside the three cute kitten siblings from the Aristocats, but behind all that is a supervillain with an ulterior motive. Watch out kitties!

Snow White is offered a drink of Moloko Plus

Watch out Snow White, that may look like an innocent glass of milk, but Alex DeLarge isn't one to go around just offering up ice cold glasses of milk. Known to rob, rape and assault innocent people for his own sick amusement he's definitely no prince.

The Joker sizes up Rapunzel's face

Rapunzel is known for being an innocent young lady but she'd better watch out hanging with terrible influences like the Joker, he's definitely not quite as charmed by her personality as the locals at the Snuggly Duckling.

Freddy watched over Sleeping Beauty

Ugh, this one is definitely the creepiest! At least the others are aware that someone else is nearby, but poor old Sleeping Beauty is unaware and defenseless as Freddy Krueger sneaks up with his razor sharp fingers at the ready.

What villain/Disney mash-up looked best to you? Tell me below!

Source: Dorkly via Rodolfo Loaiza


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