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Going to the hairdressers is ordinarily a horrifying experience. No matter what instructions I give, nor how many pictures I show, I always come out looking like a weird tribid of Howard Wolowitz, Patrick Swayze, and Britney Spears circa 2007.

But it needn't always be this way. What I need to do is to go and pay a visit to Rob Ferrel, master barber and shaving artist!

Rob, who hails from San Antonio, Texas, and posts on instagram under the username RobThe Original, gives some truly great, if a little bizarre, haircuts.

He specializes, by the looks of it, in shaving famous celebrities into the backs of our heads. From The Joker and Robin Williams, to Tupac and Heisenberg - he does them all. One guy even got Kim Kardashian!

Take a look at some of the best below!

Walter White (AKA Heisenberg)

How does Walter White manage to look even more badass when shaved into the back of some guy's head?

The Walking Dead

A walking billboard for the greatest show on TV.

Tupac Shakur

Robin Williams

Robin would surely be falling on the floor with laughter at this one!

Kim Kardashian


Audrey Hepburn

This one actually looks pretty cool.

The Joker

This is my favorite. The colors, the texture - the sheer gnarliness of it. I know what I'm asking for next time at the barbers!

Feeling inspired?


Which celebrity would like you shaved into your head?


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