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Big news from a galaxy quite, but not really all that, far away...

It turns out that Guardians of the Galaxy - universally beloved savior of modern Space-Opera - almost killed off one of its fan-favorite characters...right at the very end of the movie.

Yup, that's right, as director James Gunn revealed in a recent Facebook Q&A, we almost saw something pretty darned fatal happen to...Yondu:

"In the original script (that I wrote) Rocket had a little bomb...At the end Quill put it in the Orb when he gave it to Yondu. And, as Yondu flew away at the very end, his whole ship exploded."

Which, aside from the fact that it would've meant we had no chance whatsoever of seeing Michael Rooker reprise his bad-ass turn as the space-pirate...

Which would be a VERY BAD THING.
Which would be a VERY BAD THING.

...would also have turned Star-Lord into a way less likable character. I mean, sure, Yondu was totally going to kill him at one point and all - but would we really have been able to look forward to Guardians of the Galaxy 2 quite so much if we'd just watched our hero kill his mentor out of...spite, I guess?

I'm guessing not so much - so good call with the Troll doll, Mr. Gunn. Good call...

What do you guys think, though? Should Yondu have died? Will we see him in Guardians 2? Is Star-Lord really all that much of a hero anyway?

Source: Geek Tyrant


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