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Aria, Aria, Aria... What are we gonna do with you? Lately you've been called liar, you've been causing problems, you've lied a lot about college... What's gonna be next, A?

We all know we're supposed to believe Holbrook is helping Alison, but, what if Holbrook is actually helping Aria, or Aria is helping Alison? I truly believe Aria has something to do with "A Team".. Don't you?

You have an angel face. But don't trust a pretty face, cause it can hide an ugly secret.

In the last episode of PLL (5x17) we can see how Hanna and Caleb try to find out what's in that barrel, and they don't. Instead, Toby finds it out, but he won't tell Spencer. Why?

Spencer and Aria get stuck in a huge refrigerator. But if you look closely, Spencer is the one who finds the computer and we also see Emily walking, but where's Aria? Later we see "A" wearing a black hoodie like always, but he/ she could be helping Aria with the plan. Now we are sure that Alison is not A.

Okay, so if Ali is not "A"... who is "A"? Aria? Just Holbrook? Melissa? Wren? Spencer? Anyone could be A.

They really look like each other.... Spencer and Bethany, maybe?
They really look like each other.... Spencer and Bethany, maybe?

I just have a weird feeling Aria is "A". She's the best liar.


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