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Half-Life 3 feels as if it's fading into legend in terms of a release date for the Xbox One and PS4. So seeing it's name hasn't exactly gotten me very excited in a very long time. But then, there's nothing quite like Reddit to give you a bit of a laugh, and seeing as this guy used Half-Life 3 in the title, I thought I could share the laughs!

Essentially, the Reddit user came on and announced Half-Life 3 as the game title that described his sex life. Yep, half of his life. Compensating much? Now, I'm going to keep this a PC as possible, but some of the backstories to the titles are quite wonderful! Let's check some of my favourites out, and PLEASE add your own recommendations!!

Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider

Well this one just had to happen, Tomb Raider. I won't go into details get the picture. Also, just in terms of Half-Life 3 we had a rather hilarious comment stating: "By Half-Life 3, do you mean that you are never coming out even though everyone knows a bunch of men have been working on you for years?" That's some well created backstory right there.

Thomas Was Alone is a great one. Well, not for Thomas I guess. But in terms of being solitary, no one could beat the suggestion of Alone in the Dark. Priceless stuff Reddit, priceless stuff!

One particular recommendation I loved was Duke Nukem: Forever. Yeah, could get this Duke fellow was a stud, OR we could do that beautiful action and check out the context of the game: "15 years since your previous release and it was a big disappointment!" Seriously, why do gamers hate on each other so much when they can come up with such funny stuff?!?!

Oh there's a game called Mount Your Friends...nice. We've also got Big Game Hunter, Faster Than Light and World of Goo. Final Fantasy kinda works too, as one Redditor comments: "A last ditch attempt that ends up being the best thing you ever did!"

I mean this list can just go on and on!! Super Smash Bros. for instance, now up to 8 players! The Binding of Isaac, Crysis or even Bad Company. Anyway, this could just keep going all day, and I just thought I'd help spread the Half-Life 3 elation that we so rarely receive. Happy gaming everyone!!


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