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Why is he the most badass superhero?

well, he is badass due to some reasons... In my Thinking..
Below are the reasons:

1. You Can't Kill Wolverine, Wolverine is Immortal

You Can't Kill Wolverine because he has Regenerative Healing factor... (not fast as Deadpool's)
His Healing Factor can Heal from Small to Big Wounds In seconds...

Heal Heal
Heal Heal

Wolverine Know Many Differnet Stlyes of Fighting.

- His bio states that he is a master of every known fighting style known to man.
Therefore it's not easy to kill him in a fight...


Take His Healing Factor....

Bitch Please... He's Still Got ADAMANTIUM skeleton and Claws...
He's Still dangerous... :o

2. He can Never Get Tired.

Because of his healing factor he has Infinite Stamina.
That will help in fighting...
With.... The HULK...


Okay Okay He Can't Win a Fight With The HULK..
Hulk Ripped Him Apart..

But Guess What????

Still Alive.... Yeah, Because Of Healing Factor...

3.He Has no fear of anything...

No Matter Who Stands In front Of Him...
HE just have no fear....

Okay That's All Folks...
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Do you Think Wolverine is Still Most Badass Superhero?


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