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Film 123 in the "1001 Films to See Before You Die" challenge is 1973's "Enter the Dragon". Staring Bruce Lee, in his final movie before his death on July 20 1973, this film was released in cinemas six days after his death and is the first Chinese Martial Arts film to be produced by Hollywood. This is only film with Bruce to make the list and I very much enjoyed this. Never really had the chance to watch this style of genre but I now can say that I have. Very much enjoyed all the fighting scenes. Especially the last one between Bruce and evil villain Han. I actually wouldn't mind seeing more of Bruce's film so if anyone knows any that I should watch then let me know. The book that I use that gives all the info about each film I watch says that the martial arts performed was 100% real and no wires/effects were used. An example of wires/effects being used in martial arts would be 2000's "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" (which is on the list). Would defiantly recommend this. Also, I never mentioned it but try doing a drinking game to this film for every villain that gets killed. I counted at least 150! So with that in mind, if you have seen this film, or any other of Bruce Lee's work then let me know what you thought of them in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1973's "Enter the Dragon"

Film - Enter the Dragon

Year - 1973

Director - Robert Clouse

Written by - Michael Allin, Bruce Lee

Staring - Bruce Lee, John Saxon, Jim Kelly

IMDb Rating - 7.7/10

My Rating - 8/10

Length - 102 min (1h 42min)

Genre - Action, Drama, Crime

Welcome to Hong Kong

So... This is what MMA was like back in the 70's - No cage, no mats! Just concrete slabs

Also, Bruce Lee is ripped!!!!


Bruce Lee wins with an armbar

I can't tell if this has been dubbed over or not

Go visit "a man"

"A man" is called Brathwaite (I think that's how it's spelt)

He's here to tell Bruce about a Martial Arts Tournament

What's with the over the top sound effects?

Bruce dares someone to kick him

Stop thinking and be focused!

Now we get the opening credits after 8 minutes

All I wana go is get across the street!

Don't they have taxis in Hong Kong? - Just men carrying people on buggies

Han's bodyguard, O'Hara, just punched through 6 flaming slabs and broke them all in a training video

That woman died from a heroine overdose then Han threw her dead body in the sea

Han has his own island just to have tournaments

We sent a female, Mai-Lin, to help you but no one's spoke to her in two days

Flashback to when Bruce Lee met someone

That's how you stop an attack! Kick them in the balls!

That explains how O'Hara got his scar on his face!

She just kicked that man off a cliff and into a river

Escape through the pig farm!

And now she's thrown another man off the roof

The dreaded eye rake! That'll stop you

Now I'm trapped! Guess I better surrender myself to you

Just kidding! I'll stab myself with some broken glass

Before Bruce leaves, he pays his respects to his sister and his mother's graves

Bloody groundskeeper is breaking my concentration

Back to the present and Bruce is sailing through the harbor

Time for another flashback to Mr Ruper playing golf

Don't you hate it when your golf ball ends up in the trees/rough


You're my secretary! Have $63

Time for a different flashback with Williams

Why are the police officers trying to arrest him? All he's doing is walking to the airport

Ok, he has now stolen their cop car

Back to the present

Mr Ruper meets with Williams and chat about why they're there

To Han's Island!

Let's kill time by betting on insects fighting

To show how much of an a-hole I am, I'm gonna abuse those who aren't white

If he's meant to be from New Zealand why does he sound like a mobster?

You fell into my trap and now you're stuck in the sea in a paddle boat

Welcome to Han's Island

Nothing like a sumo match to warm up the crowd while circus acts take place around ringside

I have the feeling Mr Ruper is the type of person why likes betting but loses every bet

He's also acting a little shady

Don't think Williams like the food

My women are so deadly they can chop apples in midair

Why are there two men wandering around with a box of scorpions?

Williams gets a visit from some women to see who he'll shag

Bruce gets a visit from the remaining women but he refuses

Finally, Mr Ruper gets the visit and takes one of the women to shag

Back with Bruce who gets Mai-Lin

She says that all the women we just saw will be killed by morning

Time for the morning ritual

We train by punching stones over fire

Time for the tournament to commence

Williams is in action first and wins round one

Time for round two and Williams wins again

Why does that doctor have a Hitler mustache

Time for Mr Ruper

And Ruper loses round one within two seconds

He then loses round two in four seconds

One last try

Two seconds and Mr Ruper is down

Finally at round four, Mr Ruper wins!

Let's celebrate by getting a massage from a woman stood on my back

And the nudity level has just risen

Meanwhile, Bruce is preparing to break into the palace

Worst security guards ever!

Bloody guard dog nearly blew my mission!

A secret entrance hidden under the plant pots! Genius

This has now turned into a James Bond style of film

Meanwhile, Williams is preparing himself for battle for the morning

Time to see if our guards are actually usefu and put them in a match

Let's just say that they all lose

Did he break his neck by pulling on his hair?

I'm so touch that I can break you in half

Time for Bruce Lee to be in action.... against O'Hara!!!!

I will imidate you by punching through wood

Bruce wins round one within a second

Round two ends the same

And round three goes to Bruce

O'Hara tries cheating but loses round four and five

Roundhouse kick!!!

O'Hara is getting owned

Kick to the chest sends O'Hara flying into the crowd

Let's see how you cope when broken bottles are involved

Double footstomp pretty much kills O'Hara

Tournament Day two is now over

Williams pays a visit to Han in his office

Williams is getting accused of attacking his guards last night

Han has the worst guards ever as all of them get beaten

He then challenges Han to a fight!

The fight has spilled into the ladies only room!!

All of the women are too busy smoking weed to show concern

And that's Williams dead!

What the hell? Han has a metal hand!

Now it's time for Mr Ruper to visit Han

He has a collection of hands!

Including a skeleton hand

I'm clearly evil! I have a cat! Watch me stroke it!

Mr Ruper just saved that cat from the guilotine

Wait! It's a secret lift! Very sneaky

We have a tattoo parlor in my secret rooom

So.. all these women are Han's daughters and guards!!!!

Here we keep our boiling pot of chemicals

Han wants Mr Ruper to represent Han as an American for his people

We also keep those who tried breaking onto the island behind bars

So... That's were Williams is! Getting sent into a pond to be disposed off

Back with Bruce whos back to being sneaky

Who left this snake in charge of the secret door?

Bruce just disposed of the snake and is inside the secret area

Better use that snake I caught to my advantage and scare away those in the commication room

Bruce looked so bored watching those guards escape

How dare you rip my jumper!!!

Time for some slow motion martial arts

Did I mention that Bruce Lee is ripped

Damn! The elevator has broken down!

Now the guards have sticks but that doesn't stop Bruce

Thanks for the nun-chucks! Now you're really fucked!

Shit! I'm trapped! Better make myself at home

Meanwhile, back with Brathwaite

Time to return to the tournament

Mr Ruper and Bruce Lee are here

It's Mr Ruper vs Bruce Lee

Hi Mai-Lin! Nice to see you're around still

It's now Mr Ruper vs Bolo


Bolo has the armbar locked in

Mr Ruper escapes by biting his calf

Mai-Lin has set the prisoners free!!!

Mr Ruper is now in control of this match


And that's Bolo eliminated

Now it's Mr Ruper and Bruce Lee vs. EVERYONE!!!

Seems like Ruper and Bruce are in control

Han's plan isn't working

Here come the prisoners to make things even


It's complete chaos

Time for Han to bring out the bear claw hand

It's Bruce vs Han!!!

Han has lost his hand but instead of getting it back he runs away

Let's battle with my wolverine hand


Double leg takedown results in a scratch to the face

Scratch to the chest and Bruce responds by licking his own blood

FOOT TO THE JAW! And Han is down

That kick nearly took Han's head off

Fuck this, I have a spear from a statue to use instead

Time to escape through the spinning wall

How has a room filled with mirrors?

For someone covered in cuts, why is Bruce not pissing blood everywhere?

Han's is down!

Who's voice is that Bruce is listening to?

Bruce has now decided to break ever mirror he can find to mess with Han

Han's is dead from getting kicked into the spear he tried using earlier

Meanwhile, Mr Ruper and the prisoners have won their fight

Here comes Brathwaite and Co with helicopters



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