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In "The Sound and the Fury" we get the chance to see Wells run again. This time however, he is showing off his red streak.Now let's begin the speculation as to what this could possibly mean!

Harrison Wells is actually Future Barry Allen

We've heard this rumor time after time, but it never seems to add up. Why would Barry put so many lives in danger? Why would he go back in time to kill his own mother? There's countless theories about that out there. My personal favorite is the one where Barry goes back to save his mother and succeeds, then has to go back in time to kill her because, you know, the whole "time-space-continuum" thing.

What if he really is a Future Flash, but not the one we're thinking of?

Bart Allen and Wally West
Bart Allen and Wally West

So we come to option two, the possibility of Bart Allen or Wally West being the true identity of Harrison Wells. We know that Bart is appearing in the show later this season, so that could rule him out. Let's think about the possibility of either one of these young heroes being the mysterious Wells.

Bart Allen:

Because of him showing up later this season, though I'm not 100% sure when, it could open up the chance of him being Wells, or decrease it. Let's think of it like this, once Barry ultimately defeats Wells, he attempts to flee and Barry follows him leading to an epic battle in time. They "crash" in the future where Bart is still Impulse. It is there that we find out that Wells is Bart and grows up to find out his grandfather is going to go back in time to save his mother. In fear of this possibly making it to where he would not be born, he follows Barry and the show is at the point that it is now.

Wally West:

Let's look at Wells' costume.

Now compare the Reverse Flash costume to the Kid Flash costume and you'll see similarities. Of course, those have always been present throughout all of Flash history and really doesn't mean much of anything. Wally West ranks among one of the best characters in all of DC, even beating out the original on many polls. This would explain why he is the better counterpart to Allen. Why would he do it though? You could use the same basic theory that was used with Bart, or maybe Wally goes back in time to make sure that his uncle is going to be safe in the future no matter what the cost could be.

Option 3: The Red Streak from Wells Means Nothing

This is possibly the most likely unfortunately. I don't know if they did it to make us all think of different possibilities besides him just being Reverse Flash (in which case, they succeed), or if it actually will lead to something in the future.

Let me know what you guys think below!!


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