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Now I have stated before that I feel the MCU hasn't stood out with any of their villains yet. Im not counting Loki because he's not the type of villain that strikes fear into the audience hearts. I honestly think Fox and Sony have done better with Marvel villains in their movies. I like to feel the threat the villain possesses which is something I don't get when watching movies from the MCU. WB/DC have been the best for me with Joker, Bane and General Zod.

However I feel Disney/Marvel will change the way we see villains after this years [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035). Hopefully Ultron and Thanos will be the villains we've been waiting for in terms of striking fear into the audience. The thing that makes these villains stand out above the ones we've already seen, is that they are on a much higher power level. You get your typical push over villains that like to cause trouble, but then you have villains like this who mean to do real damage. So I've decided to talk about the three main heavy weight villains we have coming to future Marvel movies.



First up we have the one and only Ultron. The way how I see it Ultron is the arch-nemesis of the Avengers. Why, because he's more of a personal villain. He was created for good yet turned bad so he will always represent their failure. Ultron is that one villain that the Avengers always fear because every time they beat him, they know he'll return, and when he does its just a case of how much more devastating his next plan will be. Ultron may not have the power of Thanos or Galactus but he stands just as much a threat to earth as they do. Still he is a very powerful robot, with an indestructible body shell, strength that can lift up to a hundred tons, concussion blasters, encephalo-ray, and the mind of a computer. Over the years Ultron has modified his body a bunch of times so when it comes to the movie he may not have his full power. Out of the three villains Im listing today, Ultron is the one Im most excited to see on the big screen.



Last year we saw some frighteningly powerful Sentinels in [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942). Even in the very little screen time the future Sentinels got in that movie they proved to be dominating foes. Next year we have Apocalypse making his way to the big screen. If Bryan Singer can make the Sentinels a powerful and fearless foe then he can do it with Apocalypse. With Apocalypse being one of the earliest and most powerful mutants we should be in for one hell of a movie. His powers include full control of the molecular's in his body, super strength, telekinesis, immortality and energy absorbing. Apocalypse is also a master in using alien technology. Have to be honest but if you look at this characters past, Thanos would probably get wrecked by this guy.



Now onto the villain that most people are more excited about. When there's an Infinity War, Thanos is gonna play a big role. The Mad Titan got a short part in last years [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) and for some of us, that stole the movie. Now that we know what Marvels plans are for phase three, the next couple of years are gonna be big for the cinematic universe. Thanos is a powerful character, in fact in the MCU he is the most powerful being (stated in Guardians of the Galaxy). If you thought super strength, agility, durability, reflexes, invulnerability and cosmic energy blast were powerful, then wait until he takes hold of the infinity gauntlet. With the power of the infinity gauntlet he will be able to destroy a planet with the flick of his figures. Adding to that his current powers are enhanced, he can control reality, be able to teleport across galaxies and mind control. But remember the infinity gems may not be all the same in the movies as they are in the comics. Still Thanos will have infinite power. With the infinity gauntlet Thanos is the top powerhouse of the three. I can't wait to see him in action and it should all be worth the wait. My favourite grand finale battles come from The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter franchise. Will the Infinity War be able to top them, I can't quite say but it should blow our minds.


Would have been nice to mention a DC powerhouse villain but unfortunately were not aware of any yet. My best bet is that Brainiac will be in the Justice League movie but nothings been confirmed yet so I can't include it. But what Marvel mega villain are you most looking forward to. And are you excited to see these three villains make the big screen. Give your thoughts below.


Ultron, Apocalypse, Thanos, who are you most excited for?


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