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In 2016 we will be treated to an event never before seen in the history of Cinema. Batman & Superman will appear together in a movie for the first time, To face off against each other... Or Will They?

And then, just a few months later Iron-Man will appear in Captain America's 3rd solo movie- To Fight Him.

While both of these upcoming movies are based on hugely successful comics books (Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns,") and Cap's third film is of course based on the massive Marvel Comics' crossover event titled "Civil War," There is a question to be asked about both of these Films- "Do we really want to see Superheroes fight each other?"

The whole premise for wanting to see Batman & Superman together on film is to finally see the formation of the Justice League- or maybe even World's Finest. Batman & Superman slugging it out, especially the way Frank Miller portrayed it- doesn't seem like a good way to become Super Friends.

Can't we all just get along?
Can't we all just get along?

And do we really want to see Captain America and Iron-Man slugging it out in Civil War? These guys are supposed to be teaming up and fighting bad-guys together, Like they did as Avengers. What message does this give to the little kids who will probably see both of these films?

That is the Moral Dilemma at the Heart of the comic book version of Civil War. Cap sees towards the end that even though his side is winning this war, what message are they sending to the people who are witnessing this battle out in the streets?

Cap's decision to surrender and give up the fight eventually leads to his death and leaves Tony Stark a broken man shattered with Guilt.

Will Cap 3 end like this?
Will Cap 3 end like this?

In the end, what was gained from all of this? Both sides believed they were doing the right thing.

What ultimately will come of Batman and Superman squaring off against each other? Will it just be a skirmish (like in the Avengers 2012 movie) where the Heroes fight a little and then realize they should be working together to fight the Bad Guy?

Hopefully this will happen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and they join forces against Lex Luthor. Then they can get down to the business of forming the Justice League!

Super BFF's
Super BFF's


Do you really want to see Superheroes Fight Each Other?


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