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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your favorite female singers and performers play superheroes in big budget super hero movies?

The top-earning women in music for 2014 are...

  • Beyonce
  • Taylor Swift
  • Pink
  • Rihanna
  • Katy Perry

In that order! Beyonce being the highest earning, Katy Perry being the 5th.

Sometimes these girls are so spectacular on stage, it's hard not to view them as "super!" Let's take a minute to re-imagine them if they were to play heroines in our superhero blockbusters!

Let's work our way from 5 to 1! First up...

Katy Perry is no stranger to spangly outfits! Having all different styles and colors, including her hair, she's always wearing something bright and colorful enough to make you question whether she fights crime at night. Since she is tall, typically has dark brown/black hair, and has her body type, Wonder Woman seemed like the logical choice for Katy!


She looks tough!

Clearly the internet agrees with me, as there are plenty of photoshopped pics of Katy Perry as Wonder Woman.


Rihanna just looks like a tough girl! She's no stranger to movies as well, having been in Battleship and This Is The End. I was debating who she would possibly be as a superhero, until I saw pictures of her with bright red hair! Even though Medusa's usually white, Rihanna would be perfect to play Medusa from Marvel's Inhumans! She's tough, strong, and doesn't take sh** from anybody! Medusa uses her very long and enormously powerful hair to fight her enemies!

It's that red hair!


I was surprised to find out that Pink even made the Top 5 list, as I haven't seen her around as of late. However she's been touring and playing tons of concerts all around the world this year, and is still one of the top female performers around!

Sticking to that theme, I think Pink is perfect to play Dazzler A.K.A. Alison Blaire! She is an X-Men character who is actually a performer herself! Her powers are to create light shows and manipulate sounds. Basically everything a stage performer needs! It's perfect! She usually has blonde hair, but girls can change!

The pink hair helps!
The pink hair helps!

The pink haired Dazzler is a alternate universe version I think...but I think Pink can play either that one or the real one!


Of anyone on this list, Taylor Swift is the only one that wouldn't actually surprise me if she made the jump to superhero movies. Already a massive pop star, Taylor is only 25. She has plenty of time to branch out in her career and do something more. She's also drop dead gorgeous! She'd have a long way to go before she'd actually be a good actress, but she certainly has the look down to play Captain Marvel!

Taylor is young, beautiful, driven, and successful! What better female singer to play one of Marvel's most powerful heroines?


Of course Beyonce is the number one female performer in the world! She's the queen of all things! Like, let's be real here!

She's known for being tough, rebellious, talented, and even has some acting legs to stand on. She's no stranger to the spotlight when it comes to big budget films. People around the world even worship her like a goddess, and that isn't exaggerating. The perfect character for her to play is Misty Knight!

Misty Knight is a badass hero for hire with a robotic right arm. She looks like a character from an old '80s movie, but has stepped up to fight the best of 'em even today.

I mean c'mon right?

I think this casting is perfect! And apparently so does Nick Fury...

Robot Hand!
Robot Hand!
Beyonce in the Avengers? YUP!!!
Beyonce in the Avengers? YUP!!!


Which Super Singer Would You Like Best???


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